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Where to Find Manganese Sulfate

Posted by Michelle (Middleburg Hts, Ohio) on 12/04/2006

I was wondering if instead of manganese sulfate I could use chelated manganese, and if not where can I get manganese sulfate because I was unable to find it. also when you add the baking soda to the lemon juice or to the apple cider vinegar it seems you can add quite a bit before it stops fizzing is that correct ( I just want to make sure I do it right). I took accutane for two months and after a month my hair started to fall out . My hair is not dry, rather it is really oily and I have to wash it every day. I read that this is probally due to a zinc deficiency and I have been taking zinc gluconate for a couple days. also is it necessary to take sodium ascorbate and not any other form of vitamin c? any advice you have for me would be grreat. I really appreciate your help and was so happy when I found this site because my derm just wanted to have me use steroid cream and some shampoo on my scalp

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Michelle: Cannot find manganese sulfate? Chelated manganese will do for now. Just make sure they dissolve in glass of water within 15 minutes, if not the supplements are totally useless.

My hair is not dry, rather it is really oily and I have to wash it every day.

Oily hair is often due to zinc deficiency. Taking too much will cause dryness. It will take about one month for the oily issue to stop, faster or slower than one month depends on the dosage.

A natural steroid is vitamin D, so that is safe, and it does help hair growth too. The issue seems to be finding the right dose, often 10,000 I.U. - 20,000 I.U. taken no more than a month. Cod liver oil have some vitamin D, but not enough, the capsules are too small. In the olden days they take it by the tablespoon, now we are taking something like 10 drops (which equals one tiny capsule). Ted