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Supplements and ACV

Posted by F on 10/13/2007

Ted, thank you for taking the time to respond to me, I didn'texpect that. A nice surprise.As far as the dermatitis of the scalp, I will definitely try some of the suggestions. I think when you were talking about a citrate additive, and you mixed the words lemon and lime together, you meant that either could be used. I am really loving the apple cider vinegar, and will most likely continue that. I have become adept at checking my pH and found a cheap source on the Internet ( phion nutrition) and you get 240 tests sticks with shipping for 23.70. Much cheaper than the health, aquarium stores.I just received a lotion from a Chinese source DR Zhao, a world renowned dermatologist/ herbalist, and has specific formulations for seborrheic dermatitis, (which can promote hair loss).There seems to be some clinical studies, and he has received several international awards for his formulas. Hopefully hes not just another con man!If you can respond to one question, if not I am thank full for all the time.If I am going in for surgery, and the Dr. says stop taking any vitamins/supplements for 10 days prior to surgery, as they thin the blood, would apple cider vinegar be a blood thinner?thanks again, my friend,keep up your precious work,Frank

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Frank:A seborrheic may be a yeast problem, so getting thebody alkaline as mentioned that you do is quite fine.I can't say about the quality of the products, and youjust have to test them out yourself as I have nevertried their products to know.

There vitamins are a two edge sword. Certain vitaminssuch as vitamin E is a blood thinner and reduces theclot. On the other hand certain other vitamins, suchas vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) helps with clottingand tissue damage as a result of surgery. While asyet, vitamin K, helps the blood clotting. Hence itdepends on what vitamins. But at the very least, twovitamins should be avoided that causes blood thinner,vitamin E and cod liver oil. Vitamin C and vitamin Kon the other hand seems to promote healing andclotting. Aloe vera gels, helps healing fairlyquickly. So aloe vera juice and supplements help thehealing during surgery, especially form burns andtissue damage. The allantoin content of the aloe verais what helps the healing of the tissue damage.