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Teak Tree Oil

Posted by Y

Thanks once again Ted... But how it is possible to take 20,000 IU vitamin D using fish oil. I am taking them in capsule form. I am taking 2 capsule with Lunch and 2 with dinner. At the same time I make sure that I am going out in sun for around 10 minutes daily( Now it is summer in NY). One more thing, I try to apply tea tree oil daily.. Is it safe?..sometimes i feel there is some reddishness on my scalp after applying it. Please suggest? I have also started taking baking soda + vinegar daily. I am hoping for the best.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If some people are more sensitive to tea tree oil, so lavender oil is used instead. Or sometimes a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil are mixed. I prefer to just switch to lavender oil instead.

Vitamin D3 are sometimes sold for osteoporosis between 20,000 i.u. to 40,000 i.u. which is only a few milligrams. Sometimes one person who had this problem solved it by taking 20 capsules from cod liver oil, which was about 10,000 i.u. Getting into the sun can easily get the body almost 10,000 i.u.