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Is Seb Derm Fungus or Cancer?

Posted by M. on 04/28/2011

Dear Ted:

I have long time suffering of seborreic dermatitis that is what doctors said. with the time 20 years now. when I walk my skin get vey itchy, burnig haot and purple every where my clothes touch. if I scrach get worse. I started to tread some small moles in my chest and tommy with acv and get burn, h2o2, get burn.bleach,get burn. start to look for the borax and I found the 20 mules, get burn. But I stick to borax, drinking bathing and putting on my face (wich still red like tomatoes) but drying.
The interesting part is not the "burn", it is happen every where I have a little red dot (all over) and those red dot with the time get black like moles some like freckles, I thought I have cancer. all those dot have a ring around like ring worm, so the red or black dot is the nucleo i think. and the surrounding get irritated, very sore. Today is a week and I went out to walk and surprise, my skin only itch from the dryness,not the heat from inside out and not turn purple.
What I think this is a ringgworm infection,very old. but I never felt itch until start to use the borax and I can see it now because is getting burned, the border have some color or is irritated.. I still with the borax and I guess for very long time I have to do it. My conclusion. If we dont treat ring worm on time the give you those small moles or frekles

Every day I take
acv baking soda .2x
vitamine E 400ui
MSM 1500mg 2x
L Lysine 1000mg
Magnesiun 250mg
zinc 50mg
Grapefruit seed Extr 1200mg
Here is a pic hope you can se the ring around the dot, that is big but not itchy thats why I never notice I have "ringworm" or is this cancer? Do you see that before? look close the dots are raise some are not and the left corner looks like rinworm (they are for sure)
thank you ted for reading my email and all the help you give us. God bless you and you family

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It could be a fungus. What is interesting is there is humic acid and/or tannic acid with DMSO will do the job. You can try either. The humic acid is 1/4 teaspoon and mixed with say 1/4 glass of water and apply to area and keep it that way for one hour. Then it is rinse. You and do that once or twice a day and see how it goes.

The other remedy always works for me is DMSO mixed with tannic acid. It may leave a small scar but it does the job. Tannic acid is 1/4 teaspoon mixed with DMSO say 1/8 and 1/8 water and apply to the area two to four times a day. This works but the problems in the states is acquiring the tannic acid. If tannic acid can't be found then I think green tea extract might be useful replacement for tannic acid.