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21 Year Old with Sb for 8 Years

Posted by G. on 05/11/2008

Hi again, I read on the Internet that making a baking soda paste and applying it on the skin and leaving it for a while can cure some skin problems. I did this and my skin reacted terribly to it, my face was very inflamed for 4 days.

2 weeks ago I had been trying coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract internally. This seemed to help with general inflammation. But I wanted to find out which component was making the difference. So this week I just drank water + GSE only. It seemed to help a bit at first but now I feel it isn't doing much. I need to find something quick, something that is portable as I'm going on vacation to Thailand in a few weeks.

This is in incredible frustrating to me. this condition is all I think about -- it's ruining my life.

Anyways, today I am trying your baking soda internal idea. I'm going to try to drink 3 x 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. I hope this works, I have no idea how to get sodium carbonate, or borax. So baking soda, is it the idea that it will alter my bodies PH so it will allow my skin to heal?

Thanks so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Using a baking soda paste on the skin is a bad idea. The pH differences between the skin and the baking soda is too large. Usually taking a bath with a solution of baking soda won't cause irritation. But if a paste is applied it becomes a mild caustic burns leaving the skin inflammed. Usually baking soda mixed with water taken internally for a couple of weeks will do the job, but sometimes adding a small amount of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate such as 1/8 teaspoon helps. As to the sodium carbonate a dilute solution is often used, although that's in certain conditions where baking soda remains unresponsive to certain areas.