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7 Year Old Daughter with Serious Seborrheic Dermatits

Posted by Centtella Powell (Westmont, IL) on 05/18/2008

PLEADING FOR HELP! I have a daughter is only 7 years of age, she has suffered from seborrheic dermatitis for over two years. My heart cries out for her because I wish it was me instead of her, she deals with so many other illness she really doesn't need this one as well. Since the start of the new year her condition has worsened. She has noticable patches of her hair missing, puss bumps all over her head, and she scratches profusely. They've tried to kicked her out of school for it, make her wear hats, and even made her wear mittens on her hands.The teachers and the principle thought my beautiful child was repulsing. I've tried everything possible from all the medicated shampoos, to the cooking oil, whatever the docs said i tried. Nothing is working and I'm so tired of ppl treating my daughter like she has some contagious disease that they can catch. Please help me!!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
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Hello Centtella Powell from Westmont, Ill. First lets drop all these medicated ointments and other stuff you're using one your daughter's seborrhea. It sounds like they're not helping and they may be adding to the problem. Also drop off using soap for the time being. Since apple cider vinegar has both some antibiotic activity and helps stop itching, when you shampoo her hair use a mild (maybe like tearless baby shampoo) and after rinsing shampoo out, have her lay back in the tub and rinse hair with half & half ACV/warm water, being careful not to get it in her eyes because it will sting like fire in her eyes. Do not rinse this out. The smell will go away when it dries. For bathing, just use warm water with one to 2 cups of ACV in the bath water and a good terry cloth washcloth (cotton) preferably. Do not use any hair spray or other stuff on her hair. If those pus bumps her scalp is full of don't start looking better in a couple of days, then take a cup of ACV and keep adding epsom salts until no more will dissolve. This is a saturated solutition. Use it to swab those pus bumps and they should start drying up within days of starting using it. If you think there might be a fungus involved here, a health food store should have an extract of black walnuts (made from the green hulls) which should work great on it. If the itching seems to be beyond the control of the above, go to Sam's (there's gotta be one there)where you can get the generic version of Benadryl (antihistamine that works to control itching also & usually located next to the Benadryl) called diphenhydramine Hcl. A package of 400 25mgm. tablets cost less than $4.00. You'll pay more for a bottle of l00 of same tablets at Walmart! Both of you relax and take a whole bunch of deep breaths and keep us posted on how she's doing. Another thing I would suggest since you said she had so many other problems is to take a look at her dietary habits. Start with googling monosodium glutamate and aspartame, making a list of all the names they hide monosodium glutamate (MSG) under, then go into your kitchen and read ingredients on everything in there and start working on eliminating both of these from your families diets. Research both of these on the internet and you'll see why this is so important. Remember that just about anything made with a sauce, gravy, and ketchup are going to have one or both in them.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Powell:

A simple remedy for seborrheic dermatitis is fish oils 500-1000 mg taken once or twice a day, plus three times a week evening primrose oil. Most seborheic dermatitis, at least one of the cause is due to low omega 3 type 2, which has DHA and EPA, as well as possible GLA (gamma linoleic acid). Some flaxseed may be helpful too for skin problems

The alkalizing remedy, or at least a mild one is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/4 glass of water taken three times a day assuming the weight of the child is 1/2 of a small adult whose weight is 100 pounds.

An adult dose is 1/2 teaspoon taken three times a day in 1/2 glass of water. However a much more effective remedy against skin problem over the course of taking it for about a week. A more effective dose may be the carbicarb remedy where a combination of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate are used, such that at 1/2 of the weight of an adult, 1/8 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, 1/8 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day for a period of a couple of week would have a more lasting effect, but omega 3 should not be dismissed as they are important to immunity conditions too.

The other supplements that I also found helpful were vitamin A, vitamin C sodium ascorbate and vitamin E. Although vitamin A does not require a lot, and usually twice a week would do. Magnesium also is helpful, in reducing certain bacterial flora in the intestines reducing toxic buildup on the body too.

If extreme itchiness is observed, and I have from time to time, I found sodium carbonate (washing soda) mixed with baking soda often called carbicarb by scientist to be the most helpful of all remedies. Some immediate reduction in tichiness can also be reduced by bathing in epsom salt, mixed with washing soda compound such as sodium carbonate. Some supermarket carries washing soda, sometimes under the brand name of Arm & Hammer, or other brands.

I have also found quick relief from a weak solution ammonium chloride solution where the itchiness is changed to mild stinging pain before all problems vanished within an hour. This is the quick remedy, but not as lasting as the alkalizing remedies.

The above are quick remedies that should be helpful in most cases. However, the use of borax as a shampoo may be preferred in the head, if mixed with weak solution of washing soda. In the long run, omega 3 fish oil is going to slowly reduce this problem. Certain common food intolerance are dairy products, peppermint oil in toothpastes, sugar, potatoes, and tomatoes.