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Hair Shedding After Using Remedy

Posted by Rob on 01/19/2008

Hi I was wondering what i should be using to treat my dandruff problem..... I e-mailed Ted explaining what I tried and It seemed to work okay.... I only started yesterday cause i was using Selsun when i learned about all the hazards of these and other shampoos. I had only been using for about a month however shampooing is a crucial step in eliminating dandruff I use ACV shampoo w/ Borax and then put lime juice on my head. I tried it again today and my hair was shedding and it seemed i was getting flakes... my hair still looks okay but all the shedding? is that normal? Even when i used selsun my hair was hardly shedding I'm sure the ACV and lime juice are fine but what should I be shampooing with because i don't feel like I'm cleaning my scalp...... however again with all the negative consequences of these shampoos, it's not worth it either to go back to them especialy if they are adding to the problem. at the same time not really washing harms it especially since i sweat alot there just so many options to choose from here but i want to be doing the right thing to rid me of my dandruff problem and i don't want to feel like a guinea pig. I'm not even sure what caused this cause i always had thick healthy hair... from reading here there are a lot of factors which point to me but i'm not even sure what it is. any help is sincerely appreciated ASAP sincerely Rob

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rob: Hair shedding problem is natures way that we are not even close to finding the true underlying condition. However if a hair sheds, a milder borax and baking soda may be a more appropriate remedy.

It should be noted that none of the the remedies you are using may deal with the underlying cause. My own friend has a hair loss, and the underlying cause may also mean a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Therefore the use of any shampoo may not work. Mind you I have had some successes with tea tree oils and other things. But this is not the underlying cause.

Therefore, the remedies that I have found to work in that instances of a suspected nutrient deficiencies is the manganese sulfate 25-50 mg., dissolved or pulverized (tablets) in water, taken 5 days out of a week for 2-3 weeks. Many people who have hair loss I have noticed not not eat vegetables and will just eat anything else besides vegetables. A dietary biasness may lead to nutrient imbalance. For my other case, a 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate, or even a rose hips vitamin C were especially useful. However, it should be noted that if the scalp is oily, zinc should be taken to prevent overproduction of sebum, which results in hair loss. A zinc gluconate is usually 50 mg taken for about 3 times a week. Soy milk I have also found to be helpful against hair loss, as it is also high in manganese, which is a common deficiencies I have seen for people with hair problems. In some parts of the country, a copper deficiency might also lead to hair problems, usually cocoa 100% can also help.

Resolving hair problems is a difficult one at least for me. I have noted a millionaire who patented copper peptides for hair growth is also completely bald, as well as other health gurus that I can't name here are just as bald. However, I do have good successes with zinc, biotin 10 mg (along with vitamin B complex), manganese, and vitamin C. In some surprises, sometimes iodine was completely missing from people with hair problems too.

As to the dandruff, my newer remedy requires manganese which seemed to resolve this problem overnight. That, of course, along with flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil to a lesser extent.


Replied by Joyce
Joelton, TN

To Rob l/l9/08 with dandruff problem - After losing half of my hair using a dandruff shampoo which actually did a good job controlling dandruff and finding that Selsun was not effective - I started using the least scented shampoo and after rinsing it out, followed up with 50/50 ACV/water rinse (which you don't rinse out - the smell mostly is gone when hair dries - Voila no more dandrulff problem