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Posted by Anonymous

I was informed that Hydrogen Peroxide would bleach the hair. Is this true and if not, will this recipe also work on all races of people?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If you want to bleach the hair, Hydrogen peroxide at above 8% is necessary. There is no bleaching effect at or below 1%, what it does is remove the fungus buildup causing the conditions.

Likewise, I drink 1 drop of H2O2 in a glass, and there no effect of skin bleaching either.

It is the question of concentration.

The recipe mentioned has been treated successfully for over a decade, but most people don't know about this recipe. The recipe is not fixed and you can modify them if you don't like. So take away the peroxide, replace with vitamin D, They work too but it takes a little time. It will still work even without the peroxide although it will take a bit longer, such as 2 weeks.

Many people with chronic dandruff are vitamin D deficient. Most will do well with 2000 I.U. but in severe conditions 20,000 I.U. per day for a week and long term conditions of this should go away. This was based on a survey as to why people lived in beaches don't have the conditions. It turns out sunlight exposure was what relieved many people of the conditions.