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Is a Liver Flush Important with Sd?

Posted by Justina (Huntington Beach, CA) on 01/28/2006

I have read everything listed and I am going to purchase the acv and peroxide and also the coriander mentioned to add with onions and garlic that I already eat a lot of. I am so excited to find this site, as I have had SD since I was twelve. My grandfather had it (who I lived with for a while with other family members), so it leads me to believe that SD is contact and that you are right about it being from a fungus and parasites. Sadly, all the doctors I have ever gone to over the years here in the US (I have lived in 4 other states besides CA) all refuse to test my skin. They take my money, look at my skin for a few seconds and slap me with prescriptions. Some have even lead to other severe problems such as withdrawal and causing my skin to become worse and being handed more drugs to counteract these new problems, to symptoms moving from my scalp to my back and small spots on my body that I have never had before.

I have paid thousands of dollars over the years and have never found anything that has worked, only once in my life did I not suffer, and it is just to difficult to try to figure out what I had done differently in my diet or acitvities or whatever.

Please excuse me for expressing myself like this before I ask the question I have, but after being ignored by doctors for so long, and never having questions answered, I am releasing my thoughts on the matter.

I have become a bit of a drinker socially in the last few years, and my skin is more sever due to this behaviour. I have considered for a while about doing a glandular organ system flush, or just simply a liver flush not just for my skin, but my overall health. I noticed that you (Ted) mentioned something about Lecithin removing fats and other blockage, do you think that this would be just as affective on cleansing the liver as a flush? Or is the cleansing ideas you list all I really need to rid my body of the build up for my health and for my skin?

Also, I wanted to mention about shampoos. I have stopped using brand name shampoos for many years now because I realized the problems it was perpetuating a long time ago. The reason is that they are all DETERGENT BASED wich is irritating to many people even if you
are not allergic. Also, I wanted to know if I could replace using Tea Tree Oil with pure Aloe
Vera Oil instead. My skin becomes very irritated by it. Also Lavender, is there something else for that as well ?

Thank you so much for posting here, it gives people comfort to know there is help out there, this condition becomes very restrictive for people like me, I don't want others to see me or my skin, I
feel like I am constantly hiding myself away from the world, and I am tired of living with this. I
will try the rinse/shampoo treatment and post again in 3-4 days with my results. I am so excited to try this !

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Justina, I am happy with you finding out that SD in most cases are parasites and fungus issues. In some cases it is a hormonal/immune issues, but this is not as prevalent. Even if it is at issue, usually trying with the parasite/fungus suspect is still the best way to solve the SD issue.

Yes, lecithin will help remove fatty deposits in your body and will help protect against hardening of liver due to drinking too much alcohol. All liver flushes at the moment do not include lecithin, which they should. Selenium will also be protective against liver hardening also. You can use aloe vera oil, but not use it everyday. Use it every 2 or 3 days would be best. However, if
you want to use aloe vera oil, you will need to add tea tree and lavender oil together. You can't use aloe vera oil alone, you need to add these two oils, lavender and tea tree to kill the fungus/parasite issue.

If you have a confirmed parasite, then shampooing in borax and sodium perborate would be more ideal to killing off the fungus.