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10 Years of Sd, Now Has It Around the Nose

Posted by John (Asutin, TX) on 07/08/2006

10 years of Seborrheic Dermatitis - First time i got cured with ketanazole tables and shampoo(2%) [1996]. I was told that those tablets are not good for liver. And this condition is lifetime. - Later i applied normal shampoo though i will always have scaling on my scalp. - Recently for last two[2004,2005] year it has come around my nose. I have to decide my schedule around my condition. - So i have done lot of google research ,documented lot of remedies but it seems no one has perfect solution. - Also i heard ketanazole just dissolves the flakes not cured the root problem. - Till now i was thinking i will find the miracle cure but havent found one. - I strongly feel there has to be simple solution to this and someone knows it. Whoever has the success recipe for seborrheic dermatitis, place this on this board. Though it looks complicated with below dimension but it should not be that complicated. -yeast -bacteria -ph imbalance -immunity -hormonal imbalance I believe it has to have one solution for all.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My comment: Seborrheic dermatitis is not a big issue where I live. It seems in U.S. everything is a big issue and everyone is lost and then they turn to use toxic medicine. Most medicine for this condition either use antifungals or cortisone, which both tea tree oil and licorice can be clearly an easy substitute.

Usually the cause is often fungus, followed closely by nutrition imbalance, immune problems, nano-insects, and sometimes sometimes hormonal imbalances or allergies.

If you are asking me to find a medicine to treat everything mentioned, that's simple. Tea tree lavender will handle the fungus and bacteria. Regular shampooing with borax will handle both the nano-insects and the fungus. Usually supplementation of borax, licorice extract and DHEA will handle most of the hormonal imbalances, with possible exception of an immune disorder, in which case supplementation of seaweed, echnaceae, selenium, garlic oil, and kelp will do that. On the other hand common nutritional deficiencies associated with the condition is often vitamin D4, magnesium, and vitamin K2 as well as gluten free diets.

pH balancing issue will handle the inflammation and allergies. Usually a homeopathic preparations of pollen should eliminate most of the allergy problems.

So if you want something that deals everything, you must make prepare long shopping list. For me I KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid) and just assume it is a fungus/nanoinsect/bacteria using lavender tea tree oil plus regular shampooing with borax while completely stopping the use of shampooing and use just a borax solution as the detergent. Apparently people are frequently have skin reactions with most of the ingredients in a shampoo, especially sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or even the fragrance, in particular are the aldehydes. By law, fragrances do not required by manufactuer the ingredients. The other problem is the dioxin that is found in shampoos quite frequent. The only antidote is indole. Sodium thiosulfate might help but mostly from the chlorinated water which may cause skin drying. Ted