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Posted by Y on 06/28/2007

Hello Ted, You suggested me cod liver oil, tea tree oil and borax for dandruff. I am using tea tree oil regularly + taking cod liver oil regularly + using Borax also sometimes, as it increases my hair fall + vitamin C regularly..+ I am taking a multivitamin regularly.But these does not seems to help with my dandruff. Please suggest something else.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You haven't consider that most poeple with problem' dandruff needs a lot of vitamin D, something closer to 20,000 i.u. The cod liver oil has only about 50 i.u. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate simply increases the body's available manganese, and those manganese supplements are still needed. Of course more natural form of manganese, but in much lower amounts, such as soy milk can help. Still manganese sulfate are needed, such as 50 mg-100 mg one or two dose on an EMPTY stomach. Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/2 glass, 2 times a day, allows better circulation of the scalp and reduces hair to fall. Iodine foot painting once a week also helps. I do not know if tea tree was applied overnight in generous amount to reduce both the dandruff and hair loss. However I found manganese to be most important of all supplements, but only taken on an empty stomach.Vitamin D 20,000 i.u. is the second one. If the scalp is oily, than zinc gluconate or zinc acetate is needed at 50 mg 2 times or 3 times a week.

Replied by Reja
Cedar Park Tx


I have been following Bill's recommendations for candida which I learned I had by accident--reading the internet and searching for photos of similar complexion breakouts that was diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis decades ago. After nearly a year of the anti-candida diet I have learned it's likely not only candida albicans.

Can you shed more light on what I should follow in addition to the items I purchased from Amazon after seeing your post an hour ago (above) about baking soda 2x each day, in addition to a shampoo mixture of borax and espom salts (which I will use on my face instead of scalp.) I also purchased these: manganese, flax and olive oil, omegas, and cod liver oil.

My breakouts look similar to red bites with a stinging feel. When I scratch them, they become inflamed and get larger, then start peeling around them and stay with me for a week. I just washed face with epsom salt/borax and it feels like it's drying up.

I want to keep the insides of my body healthy so this won't happen. Do you still believe (8 years later) this is the best regimen?

I so much appreciate your posts and guidance.

Thank you,