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5 Year Old Daughter with Tinea Capitis - Fungal Infection of the Scalp

Posted by Brooke (Illinois) on 06/19/2015

Dear Ted,

I am desperate to get resolve my 5 yr old daughters scalp. She was diagnosed over 1 yr ago (March 2014) and I am so sad that I have put her through so much. This really has been such a HUGE stress in our lives and I fear how it is affecting my daughter...who used to love to do her hair and be "girly". All members of our family have had spots b/c of this, and most have resolved quite easily with topical applications besides my husband's fungus on his hands....we have been battling this for a few months now too.

Here is what we have tried on my daughter's scalp.

--topically - tea tree oil, oil of oregano, ACV, ozonated olive oil., and even ketoconzal. We have also given in and used the prescription Ketoconozal shampoo for awhile. We were washing hair with baking soda too for awhile.

--Internally we have tried to limit sugars (I"m not going to say it's been easy or we have been that successful not letting a 5 yr old have fruit or any grains, etc), olive leaf extract, increase ACV to a few times a week, increased Vit c and Vit D, supplemented minerals to our drinking water, occasionally drink bone broth, and we saw a chiropractor who had her on some homeopathic supplements for awhile. We did a parasite cleanse as prescribed by a holistic dr. in our area.

LASTLY, we are trying Luguls iodine 5% topically since January but I am growing more and more frustrated and sad b/c her scalp still looks scaly and red at times when I take a break from the iodine to see if there is any progress. I don't know if iodine can cause some of this redness too (beyond the iodine color I know that). or if it's the infection. I have spoken directly to two moms who recently used this to cure their children's scalp ringworm. However, we do have a different strain than those children had. I also found a white potassium iodine mixed with water and have tried alternating that with castro oil as I read they can help scalp/hair growth...however, I wasn't as comfortable with that iodine vs. the luguls b/c I know it's more tested/respected.

I really am desperate as I have an amazing, happy daughter who has been so discouraged by this. We actually had the script for the oral medication in my hand last October but I just CAN'T give in and think of what that could do to my daughters body internally. Please, please help! I have stayed up many nights and read MANY of your posts and tried to read others who posted after you and I have had a hard time following/figuring out what exactly to do...amounts, ratios, concentrations of the solutions, etc. I feel nervous about giving her Borax to drink as an option. If you could give me any insight I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you, Brooke from Illinois

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A borax saturated solution applied topically would be ideal for treating scalp infections. Tannic acid with some water also works with some scalp infections. Lugol's is more irritating to the scalp. Most people who have fungus are low in boron (borax) or copper is low in blood. Excess chlorination in water supplies does not kill fungus, it actually keep spores in hibernation. Ozonated water supply is better using Reverse Osmosis water.


Replied by Kim

Brooke, I too have been struggling with what appears to be ringworm of the scalp on my 5 yr old daughter. We tried ACV on her scalp for a while but it burned and did not seem to improve the appearance. Coconut oil with or w/o tea tree and lavender oils topically have given us the most results. But it always comes back because as I understand it the fungus lives in her blood and hair follicles. My 7 year old son has 2 small patches on his scalp as well. And I keep having reoccurring small itchy bumps that come and go seemingly in the same spots. I am currently 4 months pregnant and want so desperately to have my daughter and son healed for their sakes and also for the sake of the new little one coming. I am currently trying olive leaf extract with the kids internally but think I might add lugols internally. How much should I give? I am hoping I am dosing the olive leaf correctly. She gets 12 drops(she is 32 lbs and her brother is 45 lbs) and he gets 15 drops daily. Would appreciate any help or encouragement!

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Kim (Ne) ---

Neem Oil will cure these complaints. It is available in East Indian groceries or from Ayurvedic doctors.

It needs to be warmed and massaged into the scalp three times a week and twice later for some time.

It supports the immune system and regrows hair. It needs to be used for some time as fungi are persistent. However, the outcome is very nice hair growth and improved skin tone. The shampoo to be used is pure kastile soap from Dr. Bronner's with lavender.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Wax


Read more about salicylic acid (Aspirin) the topical route and also coconut oil. I hope they might be of help.

Replied by Linda
Charlotte, North Carlina

My question is what is the formula such as how much borax to how much water, how much ACV to water or no water & what type of conditioner should you use, essential oil or??? Thanks