Home Remedy That Will Treat Anxiety and Cure High Blood Pressure?

Posted by TT on 08/27/2010

Hi Ted,

I know you get millions of e-mails, and may not be able to respond to this one. I have high blood pressure. I was diagnosed almost 15 year ago and the medications are no longer working. I am 44 years old. Recently I realized my blood pressure has to do with fear, stress and anxiety. If these things are cured, then my blood pressure is normal. To prove my theory, I took 0.5mg of Xanax and use a tiny potion (1/3) under my tongue, my blood pressure went down. I also chewed a beetroot and my blood pressure went down, but just for few days and its starting to creep up high again. I hate the Xanax, hence, I am asking if there is a home remedy that can treat my anxiety and cure my blood pressure. Thank you

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear TT:

Actually using natural remedies to stress can be handled by a couple of things. You just have to try out which ones works best for you. One of my friends, who has panic attack from fear of flying and flies all the time, he takes B3 niacinamide usually 750 mg to reduce his anxiety. If taken over the day, as in the case of ADHD teenager, and no longer takes any Ritalin the B3 taken at 4 times a day at 250 mg handled that pretty well.

There are other ones that reduce them too, such as 12 to 25 mg of DHEA a day, or keto DHEA, depending on how individuals react to different kinds of DHEA. For a woman's dose I prefer 12.5 mg, for men's dose I prefer 25 mg.

Then there is another stress hormone reducer I have found quite by accident, which was 1/2 teaspoon of N Acetyl Cysteine, usually taken before sleep.

I had one women who was in constant anxiety, but also had a Morgellon's I think she was helped with just taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda after meals a day, and some B3 also.

There are something to be said about inflammatory liver conditions that seem to increase stress, fear and anxiety somewhat, so this can be reduced and now is one of my favorite remedies to reduce inflammatory liver, which is L Histidine 1000 mg taken together with 500 mg of L Carnosine. The component of L Histidine can be taken alone without the histidine if thee is budget issues aside.

Certain amino acid that has some activity against this are those that promote dopamine that has a milder subtle effect, not as immediate as B3, but its effects last somewhat longer, such as tryptophan 1000 mg, tyrosine 500-1000 mg, phenylalanine 500 to 1000 mg. The benzodiazepines are considered addictive.

One more thing, that is interesting, I find it kind a curiosity. I know this Irish salesman who sells real estate in Phuket and tried to kill himself on several occasions by slashing his wrist and arms and bleed himself to death. Just a couple of months he was admitted to the hospital because of the slashing thing. The funny thing is he was also addicted to xanax. Upon seeing him, I have found that he has nothing more then a simple amino deficiency, some B3, and perhaps a weekly dose of B50, vitamin B complex. Within three days he has made his first sales in years and he is now happy. He was also stopped cold turkey (I never really recommended that), and took the simple supplements mentioned here. The supplement was B3 250 mg taken three times a day, plus 2 or 3 before sleep. Take 1000 to 1500 mg of amino acid supplements, and just B50 vitamin B complex initially twice a week. The reason why I know he was low on Bs is simple: he had some acid reflux issues. He's a mad alcoholic because that was the only thing that stopped his acid reflux. Those nexium was useless for him, but the alcohol stopped it. This is traced to inflammed liver that drive his slashing wrist cutting tendencies, caused by an alcohol addiction that he needs to do to CURE HIS ACID REFLUX! The simple cure (yes he's cured from suicide and xanax addiction), so to stop his acid reflux, B50 was initially taken on first day for three times a day. Thereafter, it was taken on twice a week, and B3 was taken throughout the day, usually 3 times a day, plus an extra dose before he goes to sleep. Of course once he's cured, he will reduce the dose accordingly. The baking soda and potassium citrate was taken at 1/2 teaspoon after meal for baking soda by 30 minutes, plus the potassium citrate at 1/4 teaspoon, preferably after dinner and before sleep.

One thing that can caused a lot of psychological problems linked with some liver issue is the fruit juices, they tend to raise LDL, vLDL, while low HDL as well as triglycerides, and also uric acid. As a way to reduce this as being the cause of high blood pressure, at the very least the fruit juices and fruits as well as fructose sugar drinks (Coke, Pepsi) is avoided to get these figures down. To raise the HDL, which is linked with suicide from very low HDL, a simple way is liquid egg yolk once or twice a day, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and no other vegetable cooking oil is used for at least a month. Thereafter people may decide what they do once the condition is under control.


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The supplement was B3 250 mg taken three times a day, plus 2 or 3 before sleep. Ted,
What do you mean by (plus 2 or 3 before sleep. )

Replied by Denise
Milwaukee, Wi

I have found success with both taking Reishi Mushroom capsules (1 G Daily)

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Take about two or three tablets of 250 mg of B3 niacinamide. Sleep problem can be many. Sometimes even taking 2000 mg of pure lysine (no calcium please!) can help sleep. It helps sleep by raising the immune system. Glycine is the other one, about 2000 to 3000 mg. But these other work for some people, B3 seems to have better effect. There is one case where the sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate works for one professor in Romania who had astenia (chronic fatigue with sleeplessness). Then there is a woman restaurant owner who can sleep best with just 2 to 3 drops of lugols' solution. This seems to be a deficiency, while in another case, lysine which reflects some sort of immune system. A body gets stressed for various reasons and cannot sleep. This stressed can be immune system, disease, fever, virus, metabolic acidosis. For me the tricky part is finding the appropriate sleep supplements. Tryptophan and tyrosine may help in another case. High blood pressure or low blood pressures can also cause that too and so do really bad diets, such as french fries and fried food from mostly using of vegetable oils. I find sleep supplements most challenging due to unidentified stressed in the body. Perhaps muscle testing may help shorten that process, but haven't quite done that yet.