Potassium Citrate Equivalency

Posted by P (New York) on 12/13/2007

i am having a hard time finding potassium citrate or bicarbonate to use of the high blood pressure formula, the only thing i have been able to find is potassium citrate in a pill form. the mg is 256.3, not sure what the equivalent would be, you state only 1/8 of a teas. about how much is this? can you help? thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus the 256 mg potassium citrate (which is a little over 1/8 - close enough) in pill form should be sufficient and added together when alkalizing plus 1/2 glass of water. What it does in reduction of blood pressure is to prevent sodium nitrite produced by the body from degrading too quickly so that it can decompose in areas into nitric oxide at the intended target so the intented blood pressure reduction is seen. Besides alkalization, eat an early dinner is the best recommendation I have seen in avoiding the high blood pressure, plus one daily tablespoon of lecithin, mixed with food preferably and avoiding fructose (corn syrup) product, as it raises the blood's triglyercides. Lower cholesterol is seen whenever vegetable oils are avoided and used coconut oil for cooking since it is poorly absorbed. Extra virgin olive oil can also be added to cooking instead of general cooking oil and calcium supplements, no french fries or any fried foods