Nitrites and Blood Pressure

Posted by RG (Illinois) on 09/23/2012

Sodium nitrite can be toxic. In large doses it changes hemoglobin to methemoglobin. But methylene blue will change methemoglobin back to hemoglobin. So I was wondering if it is possible to add methylene blue to this formula to prevent the sodium nitrite from being toxic. Or would that interfere with the high blood pressure formula?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I did some tests and simply conclude that helping the body naturally produces nitric oxide is far better, or at least try to give citrulline d malate, for example instead of arginine which supports virus and cancer if given alone is also not good.

Much of the problem is not nitric oxide, but the body's destruction of nitric oxide as a result of acidosis as one of the problem. The sodium bicarbonate mixed with potassium carbonate, will result in the body being alkalized as to not be acidic so nitric oxide is not degraded quickly and goes more direct to the ones needing it the most.

The second problem is too much chlorides, use in our diets that makes us more acidic which destroys the acidity. The other is salt, snacks, cola, high fats are also the target. Sugar, chloride and fats destroy the nitric oxide. Sugar and chlorides are easy - you avoid them. To address chlorinated water, you always add sodium thiosulfate to water. Fats are easy and hard, such as avoiding cheese is most obvious as it contains tyramine, that causes high blood pressure. It's not the sodium, it's the chlorides which includes all kinds of compounds, not just salt. There are also sulfites in MMS (miracle mineral supplement, also causes high blood pressure.

The third problem is neurodegeneration, which is not considered a cause of high blood pressure, but it is. To help reverse that, I need pregnenolone 50 mg before sleep. It's effect is not immediate but gradual and accumulative. To decrease the visceral fat, it is always glycine and DHEA, 25 mg at least for men's dose, maybe 12.5 mg for women's dose as a beginning dose,

The fourth issue is heavy metal toxicity from cadmium, but also from lead and hydrocarbons. Cadmium is most well known, it is found in unleaded gasoline, by adding cadmium, but also found in cigarette paper. In fact the major source of cadmium in smoking is not tobacco, although it is one of them, it actually comes from cigarette paper, this is why you have low incidence in cancer from chewing tobacco and pipe smoking.

This is perhaps a more realistic way that I deal with blood pressure. In case of emergencies I use nitric oxide the same way as nitroglycerine, only as an emergency, so the formula is basically potassium carbonate mixed with sodium nitrite solution. As to methylene blue, it doesn't work that well in the solution for now.