ACV Side Effects?

Posted by Ma. Teresa (Manila, Philippines) on 01/09/2007

Through a friend I've heard that apple cider vinegar plus honey cures high blood pressure it's their family secret for youthful look and BP maintenance. Her mother who's in her seventies will breezily pass as a 58 year old woman. She was the one who gave me the the ACV+honey recipe. I willingly gave it a try because of healthy appetite I find it hard to lose weight and I get anxiety attacks which causes my BP to shoot up 180/90. Without these anxiety attacks my BPs normal range is 110/70. I've been drinking this ACV plus honey for a week now and I feel sleepy. I always want to sleep, there's some weakness too and slight fever. Is it possible that I have hidden illnesses that are being treated first. I was diagnosed for Upper GI reflux before, mild depression and high blood pressure, are these illnesses being treated by my taking of ACV plus honey thus my yearning for rest and sleep before I bounce to good health. I will certainly appreciate comments from you. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Ma Teresa:

my taking of ACV plus honey thus my yearning for rest and sleep before I bounce to good health.

It is usually the honey, but the acv has an alkalizing effect. Basically the body needs plenty of sleep and rest during the recovery phase, often 1-2 weeks before things normalizes. The anti-aging effect comes from the calming effect and some people are used to being over active which is why they age quicker, the fuse simply burn out faster from too much burning.

The best gauge is the urinary pH, often 6.5-7.3. This will tell you whether you are in an optimum range or not. Most of anti-aging effect, actually comes from the bee pollen of the honey and the malate and acetate (as well as micro minerals) in the ACV. If you really want to get down with more anti aging, then royal jelly is another element, where the vitamin B5 pantothenic acid component, which controls the skin is helpful. I have recently found iodine painting also helps regenerate newer skin too.

The older skin just peels off by itself. The glandular systems should regenerate as well and hence the anti-aging effect. Most of these phenomenon is well known in research circles, but the language they are using just confuses a lot of people. Actually most people die young from immune system related disorder, cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, emphysema, AIDS, and other "disease" rather than looking younger.

Replied by Jake
San Mateo, California

ACV is fermented bacteria and does not mix well at all with heart medicines that can and will save your life. I love ACV and it is a great ph. But it is also a danger by interfering with meds if you take them.

If you do not have some life-threatening problems like HBP then enjoy vinagrettes, honey and vinegar etc. Most of us who love salads get all the vinegar we need and likely too much.

Careful of fermented foods containing the amino acid, Tyramine. Do not use Fermented foods or AVC with MAO'S, antidepressant meds, The list goes on and one must research rather than just blog. It's in processed meats, cheeses, Alcohol, pickled, smoked, dried and fermented.

I'm stating Before you use ACV check your med precautions.

And don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you are ill and just depend on ACV... re-Evaluate