Mother With Very High Blood Pressure

Posted by RS (UK) on 06/19/2015

Dear Mr Ted,

First of all I would like to thank you for great social work you are doing through Earth Clinic which has made very many people cured as per their posts.

My mother who is 67 and a retired teacher from india now living with me in UK since last five years. She was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure around 180-200/90 while seeing a GP for knee pain five years ago and was prescribed amlodipine 5 twice a day. She is very reluctant to medicines saying it would have severe side effects and life long attachment. She tried them for a month and stopped by having stomach cramps. Last year again she was diagnosed with around 200/90 BP alongwith Cholestrol of 6.5 to which GP prescribed Amlodipine 10 and Lipitor. As being resistant BP, GP prescribed full dose of Valsartan as well. She was having stomach cramps, severe constipation, pain in joints as side affects to which GP changed alot of HBP lowering medicines but invain. At start of this year her blood pressure went high up to 250/110 and was fluctuating between 190-220 all the times and been A & E so many times having severe headache coz of HBP.

Since last couple of months, I googled home remedies for BP and cholestrol and tried them. Now she is having a cup of garlic and lemon juice (nearly boiled) with two tablespoon of Bragg ACV daily. Since then her BP is fluctuating b/w 170-190 in evenings and 150-170 during mornings. She is not taking cholesterol medicine but only Amlodipine of 5mg a day. She tried to skip Amlodipine for three days but BP shoot up to 220 again even while taking these remedies.

~She is having 500 mg Fish oil capsule(daily) with 2000iu Vit D capsule (weekly) and B complex tablets as RDI (daily).

She also feels gas problem, constipation and Ankle pains while walking.

She is always vegetarian, non smoker and no drinker but used to drink alot of indian tea before. He weight is around 63 and height 5'2''.

I would highly appreciate your advise and suggestions regarding treatment and daily diet of her's and whether the above home remedies are any better.

Thank You in Advance,

Kind Regard's,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are couple of things that hospital test don't show or is mistaken. The condition appears to be lack of pancreatin, and some damage in kidneys. That causes high blood pressure from incompletely digested food from pancreatic insufficiency. That leads to constipation usually in some case leads to diarrhea. There are several factors that lead to it, most common is sugar, salt and fats. One example is fruits, cheese, chocolates, cocoa, msg, fried foods. In some case coffee with or without sugar. Stick to boiled foods and steamed. Cordyceps should help blood pressure by improving kidney functions.

You should find that B6 and pancreatin and potassium helpful in severe constipation especially lots of pancreatin. Less constipation and improved kidney will help hypertension.


Replied by Rs

Dear Mr Ted,

I started cordyceps (powder form) as advised by yourself to improve kidney functioning and HBP for my mother. Upon taking first dose of 1/2 teaspoon she responded with severe headache whole night with heat coming off the top of head. Started diarrhea next morning for four times till lunch but main culprit is bloating and tightness like balloon including feeling pain at upper stomach area when touched all the times just after diarrhea though she never taken the dose again. Surprisingly coz of this BP rose up to 190 which normally is 170-180. She took it before meal. Do you have any idea what could be wrong as I haven't started pancreatin which she is afraid off after problem with cordyceps.

Anything new she does try in the form of medicine english or anything else, she ends up either diarrhea following bloating, tightness and pain in abdoman or the same without diarrhea and it takes around five days to recover from this. She gets relief with after passing gas when she takes peptac.

Please advise what cause this and any remedies and/or precautions. Thanks

Replied by Mrs A
London Uk

Dear RS - for your mother's blood pressure, try Niacin (vitamin B3), but not before reading up about the famous NIACIN FLUSH - harmless, but highly alarming to anyone not expecting it: one turns hot and red and itchy, an effect lasting for about half an hour. (I take it by emptying a 500mg capsule into a cup and scooping up the powder on any soft fruit - a banana e.g. In this way your mother can start gradually to get used to the flush.) Niacin can reduce bp from (say) 160 to (say) 130 in half an hour.

Lemon and garlic are good, but DO NOT BOIL THEM! You are killing all the benefits stone dead.

She should continue of course with the ACV, but you could also consider beetroot juice: a few years ago Bart's Hospital in London did a trial with this and found it effective. If you have a juicer, you can juice your own raw beets (which are unfortunately terribly messy), or, as second best, Waitrose sells it in bottles (organic, and bottled by Jas W....e).

If your mother can tolerate cayenne pepper, this too is good - though possibly not while her blood pressure is TOO high, as it causes a spike on first swallowing.

If by any chance she is taking calcium, she should STOP! High-dose calcium without magnesium goes, not into the bones where it belongs, but into the arteries: a friend of mine had a stroke because her doctor was an over-enthusiastic prescriber of calcium for her osteoporosis (mainstream doctors are only now cottoning on to the necessity for magnesium - which your mother should be taking anyway).

Your mother should also practise deep breathing from the stomach: this soon becomes second nature, and can have an amazing (and therefore reassuring, though temporary) effect on blood pressure. And of course she should walk every day, keeping up as good a pace as possible: I always take a shopping trolley with me, not only to carry the shopping, but to enable me (at 87) to keep up a good pace without the risk of falling.

Finally your mother could try olive leaf extract, making sure the brand has a good level of oleopurein. This does not have the instant effect of niacin, but is reputed to work well in the slightly longer run (in fact one is warned not to take it with medication, as it can send the BP TOO low). W..e of Tunbridge Wells does a good one, and (for cayenne e.g.) St of Ripon do organic, non-irradiated herbs and spices. Both companies send.

I feel so much for you both! Do let us know how she gets on.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It appears she is allergic to cordyceps or that she is slightly constipated or both. In this case the pancreatin should help with constipation and kidney problems. I do not see in my work problems with cordyceps. Also different suppliers or cordyceps can be a problem too. If she is allergic to cordyceps, must check pH or urine first. It must be 7 pH. She may have too much ammonia in her urine at pH 8. To get pH 7 from pH 8 use ascorbic vitamin C. To get pH 8 from 6 use baking soda. Ted

Replied by Rs

Dear Mrs A,

Thank you for your time and valuable advice.

At the moment she is going through the affect of cordycep which I believe she is allergic to so would take some time to recover from that.

Yes, she is trying or have already tried almost everything you suggested except Niacin. I am thinking for her to do yoga to relieve from stress and if that would be of any help for BP. She tried ACV, Ceyenne pepper, B complex, ginger, garlic, beetroot, onion juice, lemon, celery juice and few other I can't remember now but resulted in one or another side effects with no gain whatsoever.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in helping us.

Take care.

Replied by Rs

Dear Mr Ted,

Thank you very much for quick response.

Its been three days now and anything touches her stomach she goes to toilet and then bloating & heavy tightness in abdomen occurs leads to anxiousness, breathlessness and light pain in abdomen going towards back. She feels like having inflammation(wounds) in abdomen can't walk or stand for long and feel fatiqued all the times.

I have checked her urine ph which is 7.1 seems like ok but her BP rose up to 190/100 from 160-180. The same did happened months ago when she was prescribed Lipitor for high cholesterol (7.5) and just with first dose she was admitted in A & E for severe headache, partial loss of hearing, severe bloating which lead to shoot her BP upto 240/110 before it came down to 180 after few days on its own when bloating went away just with peptac and windsettler. She seemed like resistant to medicines and so many other things.

Just for your knowledge she is having amlodipine 5mg daily which make her BP around 160-180 but nothing else. I tried to give her B complex and ACV before but she started light tighness in abdomen and bloating with constipation after 10 days so stopped them as well. She is taking granual lecithin 2 spoons a day which I read from your posts to control high cholesterol.

We are really worried about her really high blood pressure of around 170/180 which as per doctors could lead to an attack or death if remained same for long.

She is feeling a temporary relief with peptac.

I would be highly obliged for your time and help to suggest her any suitable remedies and/or precautions.

Thank You.

Replied by Mrs A.
London, UK

Dear RS,

Oh dear I'm so sorry, as I know too well what you and your mother are going through - having myself tried almost everything to no avail. But do please try the Niacin, which (for me anyway) was the one thing that had the near-miraculous effect. Remember, capsules not pills - and empty out the powder so that your mother can start slow and get used to the flush - not that the flush is harmful. Do read what Dr Abram Hoffer and others have to say about Niacin, because although Dr Hoffer used it for other purposes, part of his message was about the total safety of Niacin - even in enormous doses.

Keep us posted!

Replied by Green Augustine
Mold, Denbighshire
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My husband is in his 70's and is generally very healthy apart from high BP. He's been on 2 tablets for 10 years and really doesn't like taking them(1 is a diuretic so not very healthy, I suspect). He had his BP taken at the doctors earlier this month as he was dizzy(, probably an ear infection from the pool when we were in Spain), and it was high. 170/90 which was worrying. Even with the meds it's never been very good. I suggested he tried Beetroot juice and he agreed, and came of his meds 2 weeks ago. He's been having 250mls of beetroot juice with two capfuls of ACV added every day and his BP was 148/80 last Wednesday so we were very pleased. I've also changed our eating pattern to more Alkaline for several weeks now and have main meal now at midday, and a light one in the evening, I'm lucky as I grow most of my own organic veg and fruit so we've always lots to add to meals. I know its early days with the BP and the beetroot juice, so I will post again in another few weeks. Fingers crossed. I'm interested to read it also lowers cholesterol as mine is high and I won't take statins, so maybe I'll try the beets too. Certainly the alkaline diet and Ted's remedy of lemon juice, water and Bicarbonate has meant I've had no Gerd for 10 weeks which is such a relief. And it's wonderful to know Ted is hopefully a bit better. Earth blessings to you all. And thank you for this really helpful and supportive site. Xx