Posted by R. (UK) on 05/13/2015

Dear Mr Ted,

First of all I would like to thank you for great social work you are doing through Earth clinic which has made very many people cured as per their posts.

My mother who is 67 and a retired teacher from india now living with me in UK since last five years. She was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure around 180-200/90 while seeing a GP for knee pain five years ago and was prescribed amlodipine 5 twice a day. She is very reluctant to medicines saying it would have severe side effects and life long attachment. She tried them for a month and stopped by having stomach cramps. Last year again she was diagnosed with around 200/90 BP alongwith Cholestrol of 6.5 to which GP prescribed Amlodipine 10 and Lipitor. As being resistant BP, GP prescribed full dose of Valsartan as well. She was having stomach cramps, severe constipation, pain in joints as side affects to which GP changed alot of HBP lowering medicines but invain. At start of this year her blood pressure went high up to 250/110 and was fluctuating between 190-220 all the times and been A & E so many times having severe headache coz of HBP.

Since last couple of months, I googled home remedies for BP and cholestrol and tried them. Now she is having a cup of garlic and lemon juice (nearly boiled) with two tablespoon of Bragg ACV daily. Since then her BP is fluctuating b/w 170-190 in evenings and 150-170 during mornings. She is not taking cholesterol medicine but only Amlodipine of 5mg a day. She tried to skip Amlodipine for three days but BP shoot up to 220 again even while taking these remedies.

~She is having 500 mg Fish oil capsule(daily) with 2000iu Vit D capsule (weekly) and B complex tablets as RDI (daily).

She also feels gas problem, constipation and Ankle pains while walking.

She is always vegetarian, non smoker and no drinker but used to drink alot of indian tea before. He weight is around 63 and height 5'2''.

I would highly appreciate your advise and suggestions regarding treatment and daily diet of her's and whether the above home remedies are any better.

Thank You in Advance,

Kind Regard's,

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There are couple of things that hospital tests don't show or are mistaken about. The condition appears to be lack of pancreatin and some damage in kidneys that causes high blood pressure from incompletely digested food from pancreatic insufficiency. That leads to constipation usually in some case leads to diarrhea. There are several factors that lead to it most common is sugar, salt and fats. One example is fruits, cheese, chocolates, cocoa, msg, fried foods. In some cases coffee with or without sugar. Stick to boiled and steamed food. Cordyceps should help blood pressure by improving kidney functions.

You should find that B6 and pancreatin and potassium helpful in severe constipation especially lots of pancreatin. Less constipation and improved kidney will help hypertension.

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Dear Mr Ted,

Thank you very much for your Email.

Another thing I forgot to mention that she has had all teeth out because of teeth problem and now relying on denture but feel pain while eating with denture so always try to eat without it by making the chapati (bread) wet with
cooked lentils or vegetables which I believe leads to indigestion due to lack of chewing the food properly.

Would other vitamins or Apple Cider Vinegar plus sodium carbonate or sea salt with water for balancing ph level and minerals as per your other posts does make any difference in this case.

I have seen home remedy by a blogger on earth clinic also mentioned by so many other sites of heating blended lemon and garlic in 2 litre water and drink 100ml daily for six weeks for clogged arteries, hypertension and high cholesterol but my mother feel constipation and headache with that. She is drinking ACV daily with water and again complaint about more gas and bloating. Does she need to continue these remedies or need any changes in them apart from the one your prescribed.

Thank You,

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