ACV Side Effects?

Posted by Bekey (Swieqi, Malta) on 09/01/2006

After taking ACV regularly for 2months, 3 tumblers with 3 tablsp. acv and water, I had to stop because I was getting palpitations and could hear my heart beat pounding in my head. I also became very short fused and irritable. I stopped it for 2 days and the palpitations and pounding heartbeat has lessened. Could there be a problem with ACV in that it raises blood pressure in some instances?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Becky: If you intend to take ACV for long term use, you should now and then add baking soda to neutralize the acid. Long term use of apple cider vinegar might cause your body to be depleted of bicarbonates. While it is true that apple cider vinegar and vinegar helps reduce blood pressure, it is also important that your body also needs some bicarbonates as well. The body needs a fair amount of buffers including both acetates and bicarbonates and all this can be corrected by adding some sodium bicarbonate to the mix. Preferably 1/4 teaspoon twice per day of baking soda taken with ACV or taken mixed with some water should help.

The other issue of "irritability" is that your body needs some vitamin B complex.Most psychological problems such as irritations often arise from this deficiency and taking vitamin B complex should eliminate the issue of irritation or irritability as well. If it still does not work, just take one partially cooked boiled eggs where the yolk is still liquid and this should help relieve some irritability. The pounding headache should be gone within the next day by taking about 1000 milligram of sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C.

It should be stressed that the reason for ACV's and good old vinegar arise from the ability to reduce weight and blood pressure arise from its ability to dissolve in the blood stream or the digestive track of excess oils your body receives. A remarkably simple way is to try to avoid unnecessary eating of vegetable oils that you cooked or fried foods and take some more healthy oils of fish oils, evening primrose oil, or flaxseed oil, taken occasionally should help. ACV usually work better then plain vinegar by the virtue of malic acid content which is not found in regular vinegar. What malic acid does is it gives you more energy. But this does not mean vinegar doesn't do the job, it does the job quite well.

Recently I have a feedback from one person who claims of low blood pressure, upon inquiry, I found the woman was taking a lot of pickled foods, but yet do not consume any fresh fruits. As a result, to raise her blood pressure was simply a matter of just eating less of the pickled foods (vinegar) and eating more fruits. Of course if she was in a hurry, then taking some 1 teaspoon of sugar plus 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt would do the trick.