Fluctuations in Pressure

Posted by Amrit (India) on 11/17/2006

I am 35 year old male, living in India. Not always, but sometimes my blood pressure goes up to 150/110 and sometimes as low as 90/60. I am a vegetarian and read books a lot. I work on computer for long hours. I am living all alone and there is no one in my family. Please suggest your valuable remedies. Thank you very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Amrit: Certain diets can cause high blood pressure and low pressure to fluctuate a great deal, you would be most help by taking protein supplements, lowering carbohydrate and high glycemic diets. One way to know your condition is to measure your urinary pH. This will at least give some indication whether your diets are acid or alkaline forming food. What I do know is certain diets in India where fruit intakes and eating of beans, legumes have high amounts of thiocyanates. Thiocyanates blocks normal function of the thyroid function and certain adrenal functions.

As such blood pressure that you mention is of no surprise. The best way is to take more seaweed and iodine rich foods, while lowering thiocyanate rich food and high bromine foods, such as flour, bread, pastries and the like, since bromine tends to replace the body's store for iodine. Iodine painting your feet 3 days a week, done every week should help restore the iodine problem.

Also you must be aware that certain parts of India, such as Bangladesh or nearby, the drinking water are high in arsenic, therefore drinking pure water is essential. It would really help if you test the heavy metal for mercury, cadmium, arsenic, as the water especially groundwater are contaminated.