Why Did Pressure Shoot up Suddenly?

Posted by Glenda on 03/09/2008

I need your help. How can I lower my blood pressure, which is at an average of 141/85. Always been at 120/70, now it's risen..??? Per your suggestions, what can I take that will drop it consistently? Also, I have a quantity of disodium salt of EDTA. How much should I take per liter of water to quickly result in a roto-rooter cleaning of my arteries? i.e., a quick oral chelation? Best, Glenda

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Glenda: In a disodium EDTA I used only 1/8 teaspoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of drinking water. The disodium EDTA and the baking soda acts like a soap in dissolving fats that clogs the capillaries.

It should be noted that some understanding of how the body controls the blood pressure is in order. The body controls the blood pressure by two chemical messenger signals called the nitric oxide and the hydrogen sulfide. These two causes lowering of blood pressure, while it is the third chemical messenger, the carbon monoxide, that I have observed causes the blood pressure to go up. There is an interplay between these three. One to raise using carbon monoxide, and one to reduce using the hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide. The body carries the chemical messenger of nitric oxide in the form of sodium nitrite, as I remember them, to the target vessels where the lowered oxygen and hence higher acidity causes the breakdown of the sodium nitrite into nitric oxide. It's the nitric oxide that controls the blood pressure by causing the blood vessels and capillaries to expand, whenever we are in "active mode" or during our wake cycle, or daytime hours. Interestingly, the hydrogen sulfide is synergistic with it. A chemical analogue of the hydrogen sulfide that I have experimented is sodium sulfide, in small traces of parts per million in an alkaline medium is stable, but in and acid medium, the solution breaks down to parts per million hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which causes the cells to reduce metabolism and REDUCE oxygen consumption by protecting the cells from oxygen damage. So it is this H2S that reduces free radical damages in the extremities of the body. It is not suprising why diabetes have their legs cut off because the lack of H2S (which we can use a topical solution to stop that) can reduce cellular metabolism lowering the oxygen damage. Hence forth, H2S works best in lowering blood pressure during the human resting cycle or nightime circadium rhythm. It is this reason why nitric oxide don't work well during rest and it needs H2S during sleep. It's also this reason why blood pressure medicine simply don't work on systolic pressure, but only on diastolic.

Therefore once I understand the mechanism of blood pressure and the importance of alkaline, there is a minor technical feature that the extremities and low oxygen environment, under the influence of a high metabolic cells needs the hydrogen sulfide food, as well as the need to lower the carbon dioxide pressure. The two things that can do that the best is simply soy milk (where sulfur creates trace hydrogen sulfide) and to reduce CO2, either a sodium citrate (technically a correct word is TRISODIUM citrate) or sodium carbonate (a precursor of sodium bicarbonate) is also added.

Therefore a night time soy milk without sugar, plus baking soda and some sodium carbonate is needed to effectively reduce both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure - the natural way anyway. However, it must be noted that it is the eating of acid forming food that causes the quick decay of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide from reaching it's intended target.and it is why alkalizing is most important. Therefore, all acid forming foods should be avoided after 4.00 p.m. to the night since acid forming food would effectively prevent the body from properly alkalizing it. Thus only vegetarian, salads, and soy milk are drank after 4.00 p.m. and all oily foods are avoided at that time too. The reason why oily foods are avoided is simple: oily foods block hormonal control and B.P. problems is the greatest during the night time. A diabetic high blood pressure is dangerous during the night time and if that emergencies should happen, the best remedy in lowering blood pressure due to diabetic or high blood sugar has always been the aspirin. It saved some people lives so many times over I lost count.

In a disodium EDTA I used only 1/8 teaspoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/8 teaspoon sodium carbonate per liter of drinking water. The disodium EDTA and the baking soda acts like a soap in dissolving fats that clogs the capillaries. The granulated lecithin a tablespoon is taken three times a day to reduce oil's impact too. Disodium is always acidic and it is why a baking soda must be added.

It is extremely important that I must note that if I have a high blood pressure problem the major blood pressure is usually due to chemical additives found in bread, alloxan, bromine process, propionic acid, and trans fatty acids are one of the highest in the bread. I have also found active yeast to be present and molds in the bread too, which simply raise blood pressure hours after eating it. Replacing the food with other grains such as rice don't seem to cause that problem, but I have also found that many vegetable oils to cause raising of cholesterol levels since these are ubiquitous and now found in nearly every food. Replacement of these with coconut oils simply is quite effective in normalizing blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. However reducing cholesterol through statin drugs might be dangerous in that it reduces HDL and LDL. Therefore I would take egg yolk...the yellow portion, partially cooked where it is till liquid and avoid the white yolk. The HDL is needed to be raise while the source of LDL i found is from rancid vegetable oils. Many people may not smell rancid vegetable oils because they can't go rancid because they are trans fatty acid. When they get oxidized they become harmful to the body. Because of their low boiling point, the oil is harmful, while it sops up heavy metals from cooking pots and pans. Oils are always like that, and we acquire more heavy metals, causing free radicals which further cause more LDL.

Therefore avoiding white bread, white flour, pastries, sweets, trans fatty acid. But only for the dinner hours I think require avoiding all acid forming food, plus taking plenty of baking soda. Some people, especially in Western culture have a religion against soy, while the Asians have been drinking soy milk for the last thousands of year with no problem on certain claims that drinking soy milk causes large breast in men, due to estrogenic effect of soy. The problem is pubmed, the estrogenic portion of the soy acts as an adaptogens, it doesn't cause disequilibrium. The other argument is if a woman wants to have a larger breast, taking the pill or estrogen hormones won't work. It's always the progesterone that causes larger breast, not the estrogen. Estrogen causes people to be fat. This is why taking The Pill causes a woman to be fat and hence high blood pressure. Therefore, the real issue of the problem is the bisphenol A, that is found in nearly all canned foods with plastic lined in them that are highly estrogens and accumulative that causes one to be fat, and high blood pressure. Therefore avoiding canned food is one of them.

The other things that should be considered besides eating rice instead of bread is the problematic common table salt. These pH are always 5, and are acid, perhaps from the aluminum compounds used to keep the salt nice and dry looking. These raise high blood pressure, while on the other hand a sea salt doesn't have the same effect, because it's pH is about 8. Therefore a sea salt should be used some and completely replaced with common table salt. To replace the LACK of iodine in a sea salt, I always try to add 5 drops of lugol's solution, an iodine we used as a mouthwash every morning so that it gets absorbed in tiny amounts whenever I do the mouthwash. The lugol's solution can be added between 2 - 5 drops per liter of water to sterilized them in place of usng chlorinated water instead.

Finally some vitamin C sodium ascorbate 250-500 mg and lecithin further helps reduce plood pressure. The lecithin does that easily because it's a fat emulsifier. A vitamin C allows collagen to be produced causing the blood vessels to be more elastic instead of brittle which protects against the dangers of high blood pressure.