Is Borax Safe to Take While Pregnant?

Posted by D. on 01/09/2010

Hi Ted,

I have a question regarding using Borax (the food grade) while pregnant. Do you know of anyone that has had success with this while pregnant? Would it generally be recognized as safe to use if pregnant? What can you tell me?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A boron supplement, usually in form of borax, if taken at normal dose, is a required mineral to prevent a deficiency. I used this to get hormones normal, as most people's hormones are either imbalance or lacking, where the latter is much more common. In event a person does have low hormones level, this is generally used. The one problem I seen in pregnant woman is the imbalance between magnesium to calcium, where magnesium is usually deficient. Boron usually correct this imbalance. In instance of a successful pregnancy it's most important to get the water soluble vitamins, since the body simply cannot store it, and hence deficiency is easy to get, Two vitamins in particular is the vitamin C and the vitamin B complex, I believe is most important for a successful pregancy. A Folic acid deficiency is well known to cause birth defects and it is found in the vitamin B supplements. It's also important that a mother do not get sick or especially infected with other conditions. This can lead to cerebral palsy. I have seen too many times they get candida, infection of uterus, etc. and the child get the cerebral palsy. One interesting little known fact is that it might be possible to lower the incidence in cerebral palsy if the mother simply has sufficient levels of magnesium, which seems to increase the body's immunity. Magnesium is perhaps the single most prolific mineral there is, in biochemical reaction and hence is needed and also reduce incidences in cerebral palsy. In event of candida or yeast infection, a borax supplements may prevent that. I therefore give more importance on the mother's strenght of immune system and getting her free from infections as a priority. I also don't like the use of vaccinations and antibiotics, as vaccinations contain both endotoxins and antibiotics is a frequent cause of yeast infection, as antibiotics are made from fungus. Getting the body's pH in normal range, getting a urine pH, ideally between 6.5 - 7 and getting saliva pH above 7, is one other good indicators. If borax dose is held low, then it's likely it won't do any damage, sone drinking water such as Israel have high levels of borax in their drinking water seems also to ward off other conditions, such as osteoporosis. Therefore if anyone has to take it, just take it when it's needed, in frequent, and is taken when it is needed to ward off other infections, to get a successful pregnancy.


Replied by Pregnant With Rosacea
Livingston, Montana

I am 6 weeks pregnant and contracted rosacea last spring after adopting a starving street dog while in costa rica. We brought her back to the states with us and shortly after my face started crawling! I've tried everything, Apple Cider Vinegar helps but not completely. I would love to try borax but upon further research I discovered it's banned in Europe believed to cause birth defects and developmental disabilities including reproductive failure/deformity and low birth weight.

I've had two miscaraiges (10 & 5 years ago) And do not wish to compromise the health of my baby, nor do I wish to give her/him mites! As of now, I've purchased 20 Mule Team Borax but am petrified to use it internally or on my skin. Please respond, I need advise!

Replied by Ruth
Pascagoula, Ms

Comments on "Anti-biotics as cause of Fungus":

That is a misconception. When one uses antibiotics, it kills all the bacteria (good or bad) in our body. It causes an imbalance of the flora in our internal system. In the absenc of the good bacteria, Fungus flourishes. Our immune system alone cannot protect us when pathogenic or parasitic fungus without the help of the good bacteria.

That is why it is never good to use antibiotics if one does not need to use it. Let your immune system deal with any sickness first before getting the antibiotics to help you. Our body is usually equipped to deal with minor infection.

Replied by Kate
Melbourne, Australia

I tell my adult children, that if they must take antibiotics, keep away from sugar and refined flours until they have finished a course of pro-biotics, immediately after the antibiotics. Of course, I wish that 1: they would not take antibiotics and 2: they would rarely eat sugars and refined flours.