Alternative Sources for Borax?

Posted by A (Cavite, Philippines) on 06/03/2007

hi ted, My dog has been suffering a lot from his itch and i don't know what to do.. then i found this site and read your cure for mange... i really want to try the hydrogen and borax solution but i couldn't find a store that sells borax here in the philippines.. i am wondering if there's an alternative for borax? please let me know your answer... it would really be a great help for my dog.. thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most countries do sell borax, but they are often not sold directly to consumers. Also borax goes by many names. In U.S. they call it 20 mule team, or in another they call it sodium borate, sodium tetraborate. Actually most chemists and pharmacist can actually purchase borax from their own chemical suppliers. Since most people don't normally buy borax, they will not order it, unless a special order was made. In Asia, they used a B.P. grade borax, which is pure enough to be used as medicine. In U.S. they call it USP grade. If you still have problems getting borax, chemical suppliers are listed in the yellow pages, and other chemical equivalents can be used that I found worked quite well such as sodium perborate. I have tested other chemicals needed to treat for dog mange and borax is the only remedy that can do that. This is unlike boils, MRSA, where there are many chemical substitutes that can be used for treatment.

There are close substitute, but I doubt its effectiveness such as pyrethrin, from pyrethrum plants, chrysanthemum derived, or even DEET, mixed in appropriate vinegar solution. However, I still have my doubt for safety in using dogs despite claims that it is safe. The dose is 1:9 ratios of DEET solution sold in supermarket to 9 parts of vinegar to be applied. Or a pyrethrin, which are more effective than DEET, and sold in supermarkets too using the same 1:9 ratios. Again these are not recommended at all, but in case the dog is dying, it makes for a good temporary solution, which, are often applied in the area of mange. I will only consider this if I am cornered. A very LOW QUALITY borax can also be found with people who weld metals, they use borax as a chemical to help with their welding of metals. Perhaps going to the welder can be possible since this is often used only for external purposes anyway.

There are less effective remedies that you can try, in event of a long wait. If luck isn't on your side, and you cannot obtain anything then get a bunch of chrysanthemum flowers boil them in enough water. Then apply to the dog. To add penetration, a 50% solution of vinegar.

Boric acid is more toxic than borax so the best ways is to reduce the toxicity by reacting the boric acid with enough baking soda until there is no more fizz. Then only one teaspoon of boric acid per liter of water in 1% hydrogen peroxide is used. However, this is only a theoretical consideration as usually a more alkaline form of boric acid neutralized with baking soda is usually less toxic as the acid is neutralize. The problem that begs the question here is do drug stores sell boric acid? Usually they won't in a pure form and they will sell them in eye drops, where the concentration is so low, you just have to buy a one liter bottle of eye drops and mixed with hydrogen peroxide yourself! I don't think it is worth to buy 1 liter bottle of eye drops!