Laundry Borax Same As Food Grade Borax?

Posted by Entise on 04/16/2007

Ted, Hi. Just wanna ask if the BORAX you always mentioned in Earthclinic is the one used in laundry or is there a food grade BORAX? Please enlighten me. I deeply appreciate what you're doing in Earthclinic, more power to you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If the detergent has only borax, since the amount taken is low, most people would use that.

Food grade or pharmaceutical grades, 500 grams are available from scientific sellers, and chemical supplier, or a chemists, but most people find the difficult to obtain them. For me, I get them from a chemical supplier.

In practice taken in small amounts such as a small pinch are generally do not have problems. Most contaminants I found actually don't come from those, but from common things we consume everyday are more toxic such as tap water which have more contaminants.