Wants More Information About Borax Remedy

Posted by Mary on 09/12/2008

Dear Ted:

I am very interested in your Borax remedy. I have treated my dogs for mange mites and it has been amazing. You mentioned taking it internally for dogs and for people.

I have low thyroid, low body temp, low adrenal, food allergies and candida, arrythmias, am cold, no energy, gain weight easily, have edema and mildly depressed. When I reviewed the article on flouride poisioning i realized i had been on drugs with flouride in them.

I want to try the borax but it seems dangerous. Also another person posted and he cited studies saying it was dangerous and never take it by mouth.

Can you give me more info about this cure?
Thanks, Mary

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Boron is an essential element and you may visit Dr. Linus Pauling website from Oregon State Unversity concerning the essential mineral of the compound boron. The toxicity of boron is equal to that of salt, or sodium chloride, which is estimated to be 2000 mg/kg in an LD50 studies. So assuming you weigh 100 kilos, you need to consume about 2000 x 100 = 200,000 mg or 200 grams of borax to get the desired toxicity. 200 grams is equal to 10 chocolate bars of borax. It is unlikely that a small pinch is going to kill you. You got a better chance of getting killed with a fluoride compound of the same pinch. Fluoride is many times more toxic than a borax compound and it accumulates inside the body and is a biomarker for aging. That means the more you consume the quickly you will age.

Your condition is a classic one. You have been exposed to a very moldy environment sometime ago for a long period. When this happens it goes into the bloodstream causing depression, hypothyroidism, heart problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, glandular problems, hirsutism, etc. They are what I call a cluster of symptoms linked to a fungus. The fungus has several achilles heels that took me years to find out, but it is borax, selenium, ammonium compounds, urea, alkalization and chromium. This is the best short list I can come out at the moment. All these have one thing in common: they are anti fungal. Selenium works specifically on the brain's protectiion against oxidation, but it also protects the glandular systems too. Its best effect is the 200 mcg of selenium yeast supplements is the best remedy against depression. People with depression may take 200 mcg, x 4 or 5 times a day and works amazingly well. However, people with past exposure of fluoride may need to use borax to displace the fluoride poisoning. I like it because it raises my energy levels and some of my friends used it to correct issues related to sexual impotence and its viagra like properties, in both men and woman.

Borax in medical literature has low toxicity in mammals because it is an essental mineral. It is toxic for insects because its digestive system relies on fungus for them to thrive, and is not an essential mineral for anthropods. Mammals have very different nutritional requirement. Boron is always added to infant's milk formula and vitamin supplements usually in the form of borax and it is this that is used for osteoporosis and depression. Doing nothing of course won't get you anywhere, and even a tiny amount isn't going to kill you unless you happen to be taking 1/5 of a kilogram of borax. You can also kill yourself by drinking water, and it's LD50 of water I estimated to be about 5 gallons of water in humans. Therefore moderation is the key. Extremes of any kind even drinking water can kill you too. Even little babies go blind from excessive oxygen in the incubator. No oxygen and the baby dies of lack of oxygen.

Personally I don't encourage people to use any of my remedies and I would be happy with this. I am only telling you my experience and results of its use. Not many will tell you unless you pay them money. So I am one of those rare people who has a big mouth. On the other hand people who deny (deniers and skeptics) have nothing to offer of any remedy and people end up doing nothing and kill themselves from negligence. So its really your choice.