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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/07/2014 385 posts

Borax protocol update:

It is fine to even start as low as 1/16 of teaspoon of borax in a liter of water if you want to prevent side effects but beneficial effects will also take more time to see results. It will still work the same. The length of taking it is always longer also. But also discontinuance dose depends on the amount of dose to begin with. Instead of couple of days it may be extended to weeks or months depending on initial dose. Some people just want to prevent fluoride poisoning, or lack of fertility due to fluoride so they may take much lower dose such as dipping your fingertip in borax and adding that to water. Some have fluoride poisoning so they take higher dose. Some need much much more for topical application such as itchy groin or candida and apply either borax powder because of biofilm in areas of groin and needed to get rid of it quickly because it is socially embarrassing. Because the fungus or mold is almost completely ignored by the medical system worldwide and the lack of availability of borax at the same time the potential for borax as one of the remedies is so explosive since my decision to make postings as far back in 2004, but their use remains suppressed still. Whatever lower dose it will be fine depending on your willing to wait.

But the original dose I posted in 2004 was the maximum median tolerable dose. So any lower dose is acceptable. For men is generally 1/4 teaspoon and women is generally 1/8. And your weight also depends on it such as 1/8 if you weigh 100 pounds. I could write a whole book on just borax but I don't have the time. What I can say is a lot of wrongly diagnosed disease is the mold/fungus and it can be solved by borax and other non conventional supplements, such as allergies, blood clots caused by fungus, bone condition too numerous to mention.


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Ted, will borax, used topically on skin cancer, be any good?

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I read your post on Borax, I brush my tongue with it and it cleans my tongue from the white film, I have very bad breath, IBS, and I believe Candida which I tried to get rid of but continue to crave sugar, fried foods, I only eat chicken and I avoid dairy products. My question to you is, are you saying I can consume 1/8 teaspoonod borax and it will get rid of candida? Do I just mix the borax with distilled water and drink it every day and do I have to follow a carb free diet? Which is very had when my body is craving it and I get very bad headaches. Please help. I am desperate for a cure from this terrible breath odor.

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I think your breath will fix itself if you cleanse your gut.

You my friend need the following:

(Proceed at your own risk)

Eat whole pineapples on an empty stomach 3-4x weekly for a month

Take a digestive enzyme on an empty stomach, before eating too. 2-3x recommended dosage.

Take Betaine HCL w/ pepsin with food. Do not pay attention to the recommended dosage on bottle. Take double whatever it says then triple.

You NEED TO DISTILL YOUR WATER. Buy distilled water in the one gallon jugs then dump into a distiller at home. Or dispense purified water into 5 gallon jugs and distill that. Then dump sea salt, if you desire, into your water.

Lick your finger, dip into a box of Borax and let in dissolve under your tongue once in the morning or twice a day. You DECIDE when its best or if its working. You can torture yourself by sipping on it through the day but your probably using junk water and its miserable and most don't follow through.

GO BUY either a VITAMIX or an Omega 8006 juicer. I have the juicer. Juice ORGANIC lemons, ginger, red cabbage, beets, celery once a day. Mix it up.. Screw fruits and carrots.

Learn to make Sauerkraut and learn it well. Its so freaking easy and gives you PROFOUND benefits. And when you eat it don't just take little bits.. EAT A WHOLE 32oz compressed jar of it. You have to make it- you cannot buy it so get around that idea.

I bought a John Ellis distiller which has its benefits I suppose. Not needed but if your sitting on money why not. Its a pain to babysit.

ALSO, if your willing to experiment: go get a bottle of 80-100 billion count probiotic and take 500-600 count in one sitting. You'll feel so BLISSFUL and happy about life. Its quite amazing actually. THEN if you decide to keep taking probiotics look into resistance starch to feed those guys. Or buy RAW MILK or Kefir grains and try that.

All this is overwhelming but get a system down and its super quick and easy.

I'm not the person I used to be. I'm only following TED and his research on hair growth. I came across your post. I ALWAYS FEEL AMAZING now then compared to 1.5 years ago. I thought I had LYME, candida, the works. I compiled from 100s of websites including this one and fixed myself. I prefer the word restored.

Everything I just mentioned is beyond safe, including the enzymes and HCL. People will panic and say other wise but whatever.

WHat IS NOT SAFE but effective: Cinnamon Oil from Sri Lanka..Has to be from there. I've never tried it but I think it does what they say it does. Two drops in boiling water and inhale with a towel over your head.

What I have tried-Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine on sugar. I did that a while back-got super stupor like but woke up with a giant cyst behind my ear that went away in a week. I think it killed off something but I was too wise not to do it again. (There are other ways to get where you need to go.) Other report success but you just never know the cost on your organs.

Everything else this world tries to sell you is just blah..May work may not..

I addressed the BASICS
Digestion is KEY
Clean water is KEY
Micro-biome is KEY
Once you cleanse yourself BUILD with Butter-bonebroth-meats

Good luck.

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Vitamin C high dose knocks out the symptom of skin cancer along with all skin disorders effectively. Nutrient and detox help with cause. Stop eating toxic non-organic food.

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I just took my first dose of 20 mule borax solution, 1 tsp of solution (1 tsp borax in 1 quart water) and its been a few hours and I am seriously craving it. No other side effects except for slight ear ringing but I have TMJ so it's something that happens all the time anyhow, and I had a burst of energy too. But I am seriously craving that stuff....is that normal? should I have another dose?

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Hi Jen,

Live long, be strong. Please read the Borax Cures for directions, do not hurt yourself trying to get well. Though some say your body weight counts, 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water is the usual start.

I have not read the Borax Cures section in a while so please read the "Borax Cures" section before you take any more.

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Great post Srb........I am a long suffering Lyme 'victim', that has tried a myriad (and then some) of both conventional and natural solutions to eradicate the bizarre melting pot of bacteria, viruses, etc.etc., that Lyme brings to the party.

Everything you listed I tried, including the Turps (purchased from Georgia), and absolutely nothing has improved my condition.

My Lyme is systemic, however, by far the worst manifestation of it has taken residence in my brain. Along with Bartonella, the spirochetes have managed to make the last 10 years of my life feel as if I weren't alive at all.

Impossible to describe brain fog (24/7/365), chronic debilitating fatigue, blurred vision/floaters, severe migraines (averaging 5x a month), anxiety and rage that are off the charts, and so on.

The most recent development has been ulcerative colitis. This excruciating condition has convinced me that I wasn't taking quite as good care of my innards as I thought I was. So, I have taken to the Vitamix, and I am in the process of eliminating ALL of the crap 'foods' that I was telling myself were ok to consume.

Just this morning I went out and bought the 20 Mule Team Borax, and as I type this I am slowly consuming a liter of water with 1/4 teaspoon of it. At one point I did try this before, but it has been so long, and my diet was clearly not up to snuff before, I am hoping for better results as a result of better digestive health.

I prepare my own raw goat milk kefir, and I make smoothies with it as the main ingredient. I have made the raw kraut before, and it is excellent, but the kefir is the lazy man's (that's me) preference.

I have so bad for so long that many times I have felt, what's the point? But every time I am ready to give up hope, something happens, in this case it was the colitis....a wake up call.

I am hoping that the combination of a 'restored' colon, the borax, colloidal silver, oregano oil, rebounding on a trampoline, a TRULY pure diet, stress reduction, ozone insufflations, etc.etc., will put my back on the path to recovery......

I hope so man, I am running out of options, AND hope. Anyway, thanks again for your inspiring post, it helps, and I will take help anywhere I can find it.


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Greg: Two items that can provide the foundation of chronic infections is heavy metals and parasites. This is the "deadly duo" that I have been battling personalty for several yrs in an extreme case and am luckily still here to make a few post. Along with the Turpentine, or a few minutes fallowing to be exact, take any of the antibiotic herbs like Garlic, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Neem, and add some antipara herbs like a "Wormwood Combination" or "Black Walnut Combination", and fallowing all this Zapp. You didn't mention zapping but for severe & chronic conditions it is absolutely necessary and particularly effective with the herbs (as Hulda Clark knew and preached). Also, if you feel the need for more Borax, do the bath method which I do regularly. To begin, remove heavy metals or fluoride from the hot bath water with a few (like 2 or 3) grains of Sodium Thiosulfate. Soak in this for 15-30 minutes and remove some possible heavy metals in the body, then add 1/4 cup Borax and soak for an hr or more. My severe mycoplasma infection currently requires at least 2 Borax Baths per wk.

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Chattaroy, Wa

Try the enzymes that can break through the biofilms---serrapeptase, lumbrokinase, nattonkinase. Follow up with good chelator and then hit with parasiticide, fungicide, and bactericide. Then clean up with cilantro, chlorella, and pectin. Anitbiotics and many things work to kill the parasites, but the biofilm has to be compromised for effective treatment. Lots of CLEAN water (no chemicals), alkaline ph, and no sugar.

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New Hampshire

I found that a pretty high dose of Vita C helps a lot with bad breath. Also chew on caraway seeds.

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Have you considered that you may have a heavy metal toxic body? You may want to consider doing a heavy metal cleanse such as by using Zeolite.

Replied by Kati

Yes, but zeolite causes me a terrible constipation.!!!!! What can I do?

Replied by Jeff P.

I just found this blog and came across your post. I hope it's not years old. I have been fighting the Lyme curse for many years and because I have had it so long and was already long time into chronic Lyme before Igenex proved what I knew. Anyway it has been ten years suffering ever worsening brain fog, constant headache, eye pain on and on. Five plus years ago I started suffering the gut issues and as of late it's gotten so bad that it suddenly blows up, hurts and just kind of stays that way. Just like you every time I feel,think and speak that I can't take anymore something new or more like something that's hiding in the bushes comes out with mean intentions. Ok so I have started borax today and am hoping and praying for improvement. Regardless of all the money, travel and wonderful testimonies I have heard on this or that treatment I have never progress with this evil disease! Yet I am not giving up because the spirit that dwells in me will never allow me to give up! I starting Ketamine treatment this week and am expecting it to give me a spark of mental and emotional energy to pursue more serious treatment and detox. I will keep all informed.

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Dear One!!! So glad for your willingness to share accuracy in restorative measures, for your now optimal health and all you highlighted is so spot on!!! Thank you for being here with us and coming forth with what worked/ works to heal the culprits. God bles:) Aloha, n