Safe for Use on the Skin As a Fungicide?

Posted by Jan (Utrecht, Netherlands) on 05/25/2007

Ted I bought and used borax externally on my feet foor athlete's foot and in my crotch. Used to spray h2o2 in my crotch which made the skin very slippery ( fungus ? ). Now with borax there is no slippery anymore on a wet skin. Question 1; is it safe to use borax this way ? I also use Borax ( pinch in water ) internally to kill the fungus; is that okay ? Then you wrote some place that borax harmonises the hormones and does increase testestorone in male's. This seems to be true .. i feel a jest in my seks-drive ( nice :-) ). Than 1 last question; you write that borax chelates fluoride from the body. My experience is that using the borax makes me very clearheaded, removes a fog and fatique(due to fluoride?). Can you tell me more about the chelating-aspect of borax for fluoride .. perhaps there is something to read about this. Thanks in advance for your reply and also thank you for all the information. p.s. I also use your suggestions with Backing soda to correct ph, it works. I find that when I use it that I feel the stress in my body dissapears and I feel more relaxed ( great ). Also mix the backing soda with vitamine C .. great! Jan

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jan: Yes, borax can easily be used for external applications, and in tiny amounts internally as it is an essential mineral for human nutrition.

Slippery is reduced with borax as a result of killing fungus. Hydrogen peroxide is not really effective without using the borax also, needed to effect the killing.

Yes, borax does increase the male testosterone (and improves sex drive) and it helps considering nearly all the consumer products today are nothing but pseudoestrogens. There were some feminine behavior found in male animals, with the resulting excess use of insecticides, on vegetation which leads sometimes to hermaphrodites (two sexes) and other problems in fishes also.

Fluorides causes cloudy and foggy brain as well as a badly messed up circadium rhythm that accumulates in the pineal function. Boron or borax form is essential in my opinion for normal circadium rhythm and pineal function caused by excess fluoride and calcium accumulation in the pineal gland, which increases with advancing years due. It is one of the biomarkers of aging, and hence, an antiaging medicine if you can remove those biomarkers. Fog and fatigue is related to fluoride accumulation.

Alkalization such as baking soda does remove the stress and cause the body to be in a relaxed state, but it is also an causes the acidity of the vitamin C, which is a prooxidant, to be an antioxidant, as the body's alkalinity increases the antioxidant of the vitamin C. This is an important aspect to antiaging. In presence of the body's excessive organic acid, the body's production of sodium nitrite gets destroyed too easily and as a result, the body also goes into high blood pressure, as sodium nitrite, is the major precursor produced by the brain's glial cells in controlling the blood pressure. If the body is sufficiently alkaline enough, the nitric oxide (from the body's natural production of sodium nitrite) are utilized better utilized for repairs in certain pockets acidity, instead of the entire body, which the body does not have in sufficient amounts. Nitrites, or nitric oxide if better utilized also increases the body's immune function as well.

The basics of medicine is all there without the need for expensive pharmaceuticals, just that many cannot make the connection.

Replied by Taffygirl
Scranton, Pa

Does anyone have any advice for curing C. Diff? Will borax or boron help--i hope to direct this to Ted but don't now the email for him.

Replied by Maria
San Francisco

Just saw this. In case this info is still needed as C.Diff. can last for years in the body causing many other chronic Illnesses as a result. The treatment is Oil of Oregano for 1 month every day as per directions on the bottle TWICE a day. Morning and night. PLUS: A probiotic called Sacharomyces Boulardii in the middle of the day that would provide an extra layer of a natural antibiotic while also feeding the gut with the probiotic. This probiotic is very effective in destroying C.Diff. (Clostridium Difficile, a super bug that causes end stage kidney failure and is often fatal if not caught in time with those who have a severe infection).

Another powerful treatment for C.Diff. is to get a FMT - Fecal Microbiota Transplantation. This is especially suitable for babies and children to avoid kidney failure. It is the quickest treatment for anyone at any age to eradicate C.Diff. If you don't know where to get an FMT, call OpenBiome in Massachusetts and ask them for locations. (They developed this treatment). It is administered via colonoscopy. It is super sanitized and will safe your life.

My close friend passed away in Dec.2021 after c.diff. in 2019 caused end stage kidney failure. I did intense research about treatments and found FMT would successfully eradicate the infection but she didn't believe, didnt suggest it to her doctors. 2 days later they started dialysis as her kidneys were failing. Doctors continued antibiotics (vancomycin) but c.diff. returned every 8 weeks anyway. In July of 2020 her doctor scheduled her for a FMT. it destroyed C.diff. 100%. Finally. Too late for her kidneys.