As a Remedy for Lupus?

Posted by Cheryl on 08/03/2007

thank you so much for answering my email.!!! i felt honored. i hope you get my email from yesterday on the site.

TED you deserve the nobel peace prize of humanity. for your humanitarian efferts here. i wish i could repay your kindness. i was in so much pain. it hurt all over my body. but infection is slow occuring and it slowly covers body undetected by the brain. untill its too late. then when it is detected there is no help. only drugs for profit. thank you, i owe you my life. i feel so much better now. it has been 12 weeks of your remedys. i look 5 years younger. i went fishing for the first time in 5 months. i caught 3 trout fish, cleaned them and ate till i was full. then i ate pineapple. (then drank my apple cidder vinegar with baking soda). i am young, 44 years old. i used to look like i was 60. i have my real body back. i am beautiful again. thanks to you. i am happy. it is hard to know the truth though. the melevalent nature of things. but it was much harder living with the disease of the epithial cells. it was sooo very painful. as you can imagine, these cells cover all the internal linings, including ducts in the body. it is labled "lupus" in serious stage) (very inervated areas that are very sensitive.) horrific situation here. but i am strong. i am going to fight as hard as i can. i did not deserve this pain. a am almost pain free now. my PH is in better range. i am going to add the zinc glucanate and magnesium gluconate as soon as i can. i am going to get PH strips since this element so very important. i dont have much money. i am nurse out of work due to illness. but i will find a way. i am going to get PH in range of 7.5 and keep it there untill i am well. then let it go to 7.0 and see what happens. there is a old saying in literature that says "physician heal thyself" i think it was by father of american medicine hippocrates. i am not sure but i am going to see who said it. but this is so true in reality of this life. trust needs to be shifted to own brain to heal ourselves.if logic is followed, the answers are there. thank you TED, you are a beautiful human being. with a beautiful mind. i want to read everything you write. is there more somewhere? i wish you love and happiness always

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Cheryl: I am happy to hear of your feedback on the lupus/mycoplasma being gone! Zinc need not be taken too often just enough so that the body can function smoothly.

It is important always to keep the pH in alkaline and most people I have seen can lead a normal life. It is important to especially mention that certain food contraindicated for lupus are usually the steaks, white bread, sugar, vegetable oils and cheese. I am very much anti vegetable oils as we are consuming too much when I think I should concentrate more on essential oils.

I believe always keep the eyes on the ball, in this case it is the baking soda (alkalizing pH close to 7) and the borax. Two of the most critical remedies for lupus.

It would make me much happy if more people know about the lupus remedy.

Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Dear Cheryl, Congratulations on your great success, and thank you for posting to give the rest of us hope :-)!

Ref those pH strips, they will cost you about $15. for 80 of them, but for ~$30. off Ebay you can get the 'Hannah pH Checker' meter which will last you a lifetime. I switched from pH strips to that meter and will never go back.

This is just FYI so that you will know that perhaps the pH meter may be a better choice for you too... It certainly was for me, and is much more accurate as well.

I wish you great continued and improving health :-).

Namaste, Linda from SF

Replied by Delfina

hi Linda, just want to ask you the model number of ph meter you bought. thank you very much.

Replied by Linda
Sf, California

My apologies Delfina, I just saw your post!

The pH meter I have (And love) is made by Hanna Instruments, and is called the "pH Checker". It costs about $30.USD on Ebay:



Linda :-)