Can I Apply Directly to a Skin Rash?

Posted by Freya (London, England) on 10/18/2007

Hi Ted Many thanks for all the very helpful information you have posted. I am following your recommendations including the borax, cider vinegar and baking soda, supplements tec. I was wondering what your opinion would be of using the dilute borax directly on the skin to try and kill the infection that causes the facial rash. I know that it can be used in this way to kill such things as dry rot or do you think it would be harmful/useless.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Borax used on the skin would be quite fine. I used them as a shampoo to rid of fungus in the hair. It works just like a shampoo, only that a borax is milder on the skin, so mild that they use borax and boric acid in an eye wash solution. However, despite its mildness, it is fairly effective against certain skin problems where it is due to fungus.

Another remedy I recently had success for skin rash and skin problem I recently used was either a solution of zinc oxide or zinc carbonate, which were quite fine to reduce rashes from ant bites too! It works quite fine and the remedy is quite mild and safe too. However, the problem about them is you just have to "shake before use". The concentration I used is about 10% zinc oxide or zinc carbonate plus 90% water.

Replied by Nakemo
Nebo, Nc Usa

My first visit here, thank you people with questions and TED. I have recently got ringworm from a visitors pet, [looked like mange on dog], and have been using Tea Tree oil, as recomended, I want to wash several times a day, I will be trying Borax, with tea tree, and return here with results. thanx again.