Why Take 2 Days Off a Week From Borax?

Posted by Deirdre (Dublin, Ireland) on 09/16/2010

Hello Ted,

Could you reply to me personally please. I have been taking borax mixture for 5 days now at 1/8 teaspoon daily. Is it essential to take a break for the 2 days suggested? I wonder why the 2 day break? Does it make it work better?

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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To prevent boron from accumulating excessively, I usually give a two days off allowing the body to remove excess boron, if it is excessive. If a person has no problem regarding their use, they can continue to do so. The body works in cycle, there will be days that the body simply doesn't want to add more, and wishes to subtract. This is true for taking any supplements, but the worse ones are the oils and fish oils or sesame oil, they require much longer off periods such as once every three days to once every week. This means I take omega fish oil for only once a week. This means there is a 6 days off period. There is a good reason for that one too, people tend to get fat or increase in fat weight if they take it everyday, a weekly dose doesn't have that effect. This applies to many other supplements and require many different off periods. For instance, some people with acid reflux requires B complex B50 three times a day, initially, but once they start increasing weight, B50 is only taken at once a week, while vitamin D can go on a much longer off period up to 30 days, because vitamin D tends to be stored in the body for longer time. As for polyunsaturated oil found in vegetable oils and the monounsaturated this should be avoided completely as they tend to destroy mitochondria causing significant aging of the skin, while coconut oil doesn't and might be taken every day or every other day as it is not stored in the liver. Boron in excess, may lead to some magnesium deficiency if a person don't take magnesium at all, and hence, the rest periods allow time for the person to find additional magnesium, usually the source being from mineral water, but not reverse osmosis water.

Replied by Denise

I'm just enquiring about starting to use borax, and found your conversations extremely interesting. I try to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, home cooked food, exercise and supplements, but didn't realise that one needed to take a break from them, until reading your message. Is there any particular protocol that one can follow ( to get it right) like a pattern to remember, as there's so many things to remember. We're taking DE activated charcoal, zinc, Vit c, B, D3+ k2, kelp, and boron ( I've been advised to take borax, as it's natural state) it can all get a little confusing, please could you advise. Thank you so much?? best wishes Denise