Will It Cure Stomach Pain and Cramps?

Posted by Brian on 08/02/2007

Ted, I have been having bad reflux for about 3 months. Prior to that I had a sinus infection and took anitbiotics. I was having severe abdominal cramps so I took probotics and my doctor gave me Nexum. I didnt really have buring in my throat until after my nexium ran out. The abdominal cramps are gone but now i have constant buring in my throat and stomach. I have tried ACV but I give up after 3 days or so. I was wondering what brand of Borax I can by. I want to wipe out the bacteria in my stomach that is causing these problems. Or do i just need to do the baking soda only for 2-3 weeks? If so do i do that before each meal? Also what if my stomach isnt producing enough acid to digest the food? wouldnt that cause my problems. I am otherwise healthy, have energy, have normal bowels movements, etc. I jsut have pain in my stomach. Could it be H. Pylori? Thanks, Brian

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Or do i just need to do the baking soda only for 2-3 weeks?

Apple cider vinegar alone will not help much, so it is best to take baking soda alone for a couple of weeks 2-3 weeks.

This is also supported by a sore throat remedy is usually a small sip of potassium bicarbonate mixed in 50/50 with the sodium bicarbonate, 1/2 teaspoon each in 1/2 glass of water taken at 5 cc at 15 minutes apart for about 4-8 times, or until the sore throat reduces, whichever comes first.

There are many microbes, not just the H. Pylori and others, but the key to killing them is alkalizing the body first and once the body fluids achieve normal parameters, they will eventually die off itself.

One additional tip that may kill certain agressive bacterium, is the Milk of Magnesia (but without the aluminum please!) At only 1/4 teaspoon mixed in 1/2 glass of water but taken at a course slowly such as divide out the dose in 1/4 taken 30 minutes apart. Those are quite efficient in killing many pathogens that might be causing some other acid reflux and irritations.

Borax is used against mycobacterium, so it might have limited capabilities against the H. pylori, but its alkalizing factor might be helpful more. However, I would prefer to use milk of magnesia, baking soda and potassium bicarbonate.