Thailand Borax Products?

Posted by Viv (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 02/26/2008

Borax and hydrogen peroxide to cure dog mange: we rescued an abondoned sharpei (wrinkly face/body) mix pup from foot of temple on hill. she is about 2 months old and has developed mange on her ear in the week we've had her. vet says to wait a month to treat her. i'd like to try something more natural sooner like ted of bangkok's Borax and hydrogen peroxide mix. managed to get 12% H2O2, which i will dilute (12 parts water to one part H2O2 right?, but can't get borax in CMai. tried uni pharmacy and 2 chemical shops. any suggestions??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually most drug stores can order the borax from their suppliers. The popular chemical suppliers most foreigners order comes from Vittayasom here in Bangkok. Perhaps you can contact the telephone directory in Bangkok and talk with Vittayasom, or ask the drug store to contact for you. Borax they sold is about 500 gram, or 1/2 kilogram to general consumers. Also in Thailand we have a school supply store called Suksaphanpanich that also sells borax too. If the drug store will not contact them for you just ask the representative of Vittayasom, since they seem to have a large distribution channels and are easily acquired here. Ted