Bad Breath and Infections W/ Dental Issues

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/23/2011

Dear Ted, I dont know how to start my email but I am a 29 yr old female that looks like 17 and had rarely used to get ill until about 2007 when I had a baby. My son was born at 7mths plus whilst I was in africa. He was 1.7 kilos and I was anemic and was on injections to stop me from vomiting and liquid foods like complan and I was about 50.5 kilos then. Beginning of last year my weight had gone up to about 69 kilos but around march I was on a hunger strike where I had liquid foods, loads of tea e.t.c with sweeteners did not know the disadvantages of it then. I had lost about 10 kilos in 3 weeks. I was also on mirtazapine 45mg, amitrtriptaline, diclofenic, imigraine (sumitriptaline) and pizotefen from 2009 last year aug when I got fed up and decided to stop taking them. After that I had four tooth extractions all done in the hospital within 3 months after the dentist had tried and failed after 5 injections to take it out it was still paining and was broken in bits for all the extraction I had approx 21 injections.

Since then I had a serious bouts of cold and bad flu and then in march I had a tooth infection (doctor did not specify) and was given antibiotics. Prior to this I had bad breath towards the end of last year it was mild I had attributed it to my dental problems. Around april/may it got worse then last may I moved to a hostel in birmingham and did not eat properly. I was on mostly macdonalds and was smoking more than usual. I had this very bad breath that made people turn as soon as I started speaking even from a distance. I have now stopped smoking for over 3 weeks now but the bad breath is getting worse. Four weeks ago I had bacterial vaginosis and thrush plus oral thrush and anemia. I have refused to take the antibiotics for the B.V and thrush because of the articles I read on earth clinic but decided to start using the nyastan for the oral thrush because of the horrible bad breath. I had also bought organic apple cider vinegar, grape food seed extract, black strap molasses, coconut oil, sea salt, bicarbonate soda, cod liver oil with fish oil and omega 3, multivitamins, 40 billion acidophillus capsules.

I had some sort of white blister or spots on my groin that had a bit of pus I think it was a result of the candida but I is clearing up cz I have been using A.C.V and coconut oil on it. I have tried to change my diet and been using xylitol instead of sugar, cut out bread, milk, only used extra virgin oil once to cook, and whole of last week I made vegetable smoothies in the morning, I was having packet soups as well I have not had any fruits for over three weeks now. My oral thrush still has not cleared, I am getting more depressed with the smell and not eating properly, because it is expensive to buy organic stuff getting tired easily, loss of concentration, losing things very moody and tearful. I am going to buy vitamin C today can you please tell me what else I need to do or use. I have tried to commit suicide before for unrelated matters and have being trying so hard not to get depressed again but this is just doing my head in. I am losing weight every day and for months now I only poop every 3-4 days. I am confused with all the different things I have bought and I dont know what steps to follow. Please help me out ted because I have now being housed in London and hopefully next week i will be able to register with a G.p but I know will just be placed on antibiotics or something like that. Thanks so much in Advance and God bless you.

p.s Not sure if it is relevant but I am a sickle cell carrier.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The reason for the bad breath, is the tooth extraction, yes, but there is another common one related, it is constipation. It is commonly caused by the body being too acidic and lack of potassium, even if blood doesn't show it because potassium is intracellular, but they check circulating blood. However you do see results if three things at least are given:

  1. Lysine. Helps wound repair, and therefore some of bad breath. The ideal dose per day is 1000 mg x 4 at least, and it is taken at least for a month. It happens after birth because lysine is the limiting amino acid.
  2. Potassium citrate, I prefer (or potassium bicarbonate) this one taken after meals, 30 minutes and 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day. But I know how hard it is to find it, so a possible substitute (of lesser quality) is baking soda, which is taken 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water 3 times a day, 30 minutes after meals.
  3. H2O2, or hydrogen peroxide, 3%. Use as a mouthwash at 1.0% to 3.0% as often as is necessary. It helps if several times, until there is no bubbling.

Part of the problem about the mouth it is extremely acidic, and it also helps to use baking soda mixed with 1% - 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, to help control bacterial issues.

The constipation is a further problem, but as I found out, it is the lack of potassium preferably in form of potassium citrate, and it will take more than a month or two to get the potassium levels to normal and resolve the constipation. Once constipation is resolved and alkalinity is restored, the bad breath stops, and the lysine will help healing, another one is glutamine and taken 1/2 of the amount of lysine should help healing.

The acidic problem is a really big issue. Eat more greens, primarily vegetarian. For body odors and breath odor it helps to take lots of chlorophyll supplements.

This is a remedy to the western diet, and it is actually the foreigners who get most affected because the body is not used to taking western foods.


07/25/2011: Anonymous replies: "Dear Ted, Thanks for the swift reply. I would definately go to the health store to get the things you've said but just to clarify, the tooth extractions have healed now cz the last one was done over 4mths ago. I just wanted to give you detailed info about my various health conditions in case it was related so am not sure if I still need to get the Lysine?? Secondly I still have the oral thrush and have still got the candida (do u reckon its related to the bad breath?) should I still continue to use the organic apple cider vinegar, grape food seed extract, black strap molasses, coconut oil, sea salt, bicarbonate soda, cod liver oil with fish oil and omega 3, multivitamins, 40 billion acidophillus capsules??? It does not really seem to make a difference. I was thinking of going to the hospital next week because I am really getting worried! I have also lived in England since 2002 but did spend 2005 to 07 in africa and this year had to move like 3 tiimes hence the extra stress and bad diet, so I would have thought that my body has adapted to the western diet. sorry for not clarifying properly. Do you also think it's a good idea to do a colon cleanse or similar to hasten up the process, I really can't bear to wait up till a month with this bad breath?

Thank you soo much for your time!"

07/24/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The oral thrush is helped by lysine too. Fish oil and omega 3 are oil compounds, the body has difficulty processing it, and too much multivitamins, cod liver oil would not help. But coconut oil and acidophils will help your constipation. No sea salt for this condition or any salt, it will lead ultimately to chloride retention. Getting a colon cleanse would help, since we want to get rid of water retention. Apple cider vinegar must be added with baking soda to help constipation, especially adding more baking soda, but I should add potassium citrate, or potassium carbonate to it, not any chloride forms. Thrush is acid saliva so baking soda mouth wash and h2o2 1.5% helps, but 1/4 teaspoon of tannic acid in a cup of water used as a mouthwash would also help. No sugar and chlorides generally any salt and potassium chlorides. grapefruit seed extract, black strap molasses, is generally neutral on the constipation, and grape seed extract helps, but generally speaking the dosages are too low to be of use.

Do you also think it's a good idea to do a colon cleanse or similar to hasten up the process, I really can't bear to wait up till a month with this bad breath?

I would get colon cleanse as soon as possible, it will help, but not get rid of bad breath, unless you also do hydrogen peroxide 1.5% and baking soda as a mouthwash. The general condition is not enough potassium. Take fresh green apples. That will help some as it contains some potassium citrate.

Replied by Anonymous

Hello ted, Thanks for all the help you have been offering me. The coated tongue has significantly reduced. I did buy the potassium citrate and have being taken it with the bicarbonate soda and I have also being using the apple cider vinegar. But I have another problem. I used to have this feeling of something being stuck in my throat but now I have excessive mucus/phlegm. I also have very slimy saliva that looks like strings it is not very thick but it make lines when i speak like from my tongue and teeth. It is also on my tongue and when I eat remnants of food would get stuck on my tongue, especially towards the back, and I still have some bad breath although not as bad as before. I am still doing the gargling of HP and baking soda and tongue scraping. It lessens it but increases later. Last week I started burping a lot even first thing in the morning before getting up. I started taking sauerkraut 4 days now it has improved a bit but I am confused with all this happening.

I have now finished 2 bottles of A.C.V am on the 3rd one now and the second Bicarbonate soda. How long would I have to continue these remedies because I had lost a lot of weight and do not want to continue losing more. And I still have the bacterial vaginosis and thrush even thought I am still taking the Acidophilus. Please tell me what to do and do you think I should go to the doctor for any test?

Also my bowel movements are more frequent now like once a day or at most 2 day there's even being times that I went 2x a day although I took a lot of the liquid chlorophyll that day and beleive that the potassium citrate helped a lot. Should I buy another bottle?"

08/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I used to have this feeling of something being stuck in my throat but now I have excessive mucus/phlegm.

If I had that, I would take 1/2 teaspoon of N Acetyl Cysteine, 6 times a day.

And Burping

The body is too acidic. When taking baking soda initially it has a tendency to make you burp a lot. If you continue with more baking soda, the burping will reduce to zero. It is acidic body as you alkalized with baking soda, as the body tries to get rid of excess stored acid.

I would buy more potassium citrate as it helped constipation, and candida. It really helps if you add some borax 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water and brushing the backside of the mouth, in the teeth area.


Replied by Laura
Los Angeles, Ca

I am a professional vocalist who lost the ability to sing completely because of throat candida, I tried everything Ted suggested with a some success. I have tons of mucus and stringly, white lumps.

Recently I started alkalizing with lemons, didnt have any Baking Soda at the time and just juiced 10 large lemons and drank the juice with a straw. The difference to my voice was amazing, I am not fixed by any means (have systemic candida) but definite improvements to the throat candida just drinking lemon juice. Hope that helps, I have been struggling for years and this forum has helped so much, Ted you are the man, just doing my part to give back. Cheers

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

That's good to know! I'm having vocal cord problems as well. I totally lost my voice this week and the pharmacist told me to drink lemon water, vitamin C and take Mucinex. I am going to try a castor oil pack when I get time. I understand this heals the vocal cords as well.