Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Candida

Posted by N. (Thailand) on 11/01/2008

Hi Ted,

I just came across your good advice at earthclinic.com. I live in Koh Samui and would love to buy some food grade hydrogen peroxide in Thailand. I have a stubborn case of candida / fungal overgrowth and would appreciate any more advice on its treatment. I have a very good diet - the paleo diet - with no grains, fruit, sweet root veg or legumes, all of which seem to feed the condition. I've been taking Living Streams' Liquid probiotic for a month which is really helping. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes a primary food source of candida is the sugar. However, a candida also exist in acid environment and high blood sugar even if sugar was avoided. If a person has a persistent acid blood, the acidity kills off the pancreas, which is responsible for alkalizing the body. It's rich in bicarbonates, so a shortage of bicarbonates burns off pancreas, resulting low insulin, resulting in high blood sugar which further feeds the candida. Therefore keeping the body alkaline important.

Therefore a candida fungus is acidic blood is very much due to Paleo diets, where meats are also acid forming too. However, this can be reduced with baking soda and potassium bicarbonate to neutralize the acidity.

All diets have their weakness. Meats are acid, vegetarians are alkaline, but lacking in carnosine and B12, which causes accelerated aging, but not cancer. Stillman Diets causes anorexia and bulemia, since high protein diets are lacking in vitamin B complex, which leads death of the singer Karen Carpenter.

By their very nature of modern industrialized farming practices, omega 3 is lacking in meat diets, because they use hormones to quickly grow the livestock, saving costs, which traditional ways of raising has been abandoned causes farm animals to be deficient in omega 3.

The changes from grass fed to wheat fed, reduces vitamin B17. So the issue is not what diet, it's trying to avoid all this modern industrialized farming practices and modern food processing that makes me worry.

For example dioxins and lead is actually quite high in diets, cooked foods especially meats the AGE (advanced glycated end products) are off the charts, causing autoimmunity, that may be preconditions to candida too.

It works out this way: when meats are cooked in high temperature (assuming fried, grilled or poached) you get a nice brown meats, which is often called a Maillard Reaction so get RAGE (Reactive Advanced Glycated End Products) and becomes a reactive protein which causes the body to react to the foods we eat, leading to autoimmunity and in milder causes, suppressed immune function since the white blood cells is too busy attacking, Vegetarian diets are a strange issue, you can become high in blood sugar from eating all the fruits. However, avoiding mostly fruits, but eating greens is one possible way, but the diets are low in protein, carnosine, taurine and B-12.

RAGE found in cooked meats causes suppression of immunity, leading to opportunistic infections, such as candida. The one drawback of Paleo diets is a deficiency in potassium, which is a primary mineral necessary to kill the candida Hence, potassium supplements is needed. As well as magnesium and baking soda to neutralize the acidity.

It works out this way: sodium is an extracellular fluids, which manages the pH, quite often in the form of sodium bicarbonates. Intracellular fluids are is pH managed mostly by potassium and magnesium, but mostly potassium. Both sodium and potassium are considered in the periodic table as an alkali metal, while magnesium is considered alkaline earth element. The major weakness of candida is the alkalinity, which are killed. Potassium levels if it is low, the mouth, oral cavities and esophagus may have acid pH, usually below 7, but ideally pH of saliva should be around 7.3.

A simple scenario of diabetes can also fuel candida, in ways people never knew it, but it does. As an example, my mother never had diabetic and became a diabetic by eating "Steak and Eggs" everyday for about two years while in the U.S. before becoming a diabetic while avoiding sweets and fruits. Little did she know that RAGE (reactive advanced glycation end products are formed) as well as acidity from the meats simply killed off her pancreas (lowered insulin) and reduced her immunity.

Even if a person were to avoid meats, taking aspartame lead to high blood sugar and weight gain as formaldehyde and methanol blood levels is high as aspartame is broken down killing off the beta cells of the pancreas as well as the neuroendocrine systems. I had painters and mechanics who inspite of very careful diets, were exposed to methanol alcohol, which leads to a similar condition since they kill off the neuroendocrine system.

In any case 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or potaasium bicarbonate) in 1 glass of water, is taken about twice a day will usually neutralize most of the acidity. Overcooked meats is best avoided, especially fried, poached, broiled, and grilled. Boiling and soups are generally safer as the meats don't undergo a Maillard reaction.

Vitamin B complex and sodium ascorbate vitamin C may be needed to protect the neuroendocrine systems. It should be noted that a fungus such as candida, its required growth has to be in an oxidative medium, not an antioxidant medium. For instance if the medium is high in electrons where a hydrogen is negative, this occurs in the presence of sodium ascorbate medium, which is vitamin C in an alkaline form and a candida cannot grow. A fungus required respiration cannot grow in this and uptakes this but still can't utilize them as an energy source, so it just dies of.

Other minerals which has antifungal properties include chromium 1000 mcg, borax 1/8 teaspoon per liter of drinking water, maybe two or three times a week, magnesium supplements 500 mg, ,selenium 200-400 mcg, are the preferred ones. Having sufficient alkalinity is the most important one. Green vegetables are also alkaline too, but not for fruits and artificial sweeteners, legumes, and grains. Some kelp may also help because of its iodine raises the body's immune system. It should be noted if the thickness of blood is high, or that if the stickiness of platelets are high, then the body's immunity is lowered and a change in necessary diets to reduce this is necessary to reduce the candida issue also.

Depending on their location a stronger form of anti-fungal remedy is the carbicarb with potassium remedy. The remedy that is used is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate, 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or another similar one such as potassium bicarbonate) in a glass of water twice a day. The urinary pH should be close to 7, and salivary pH close to 7.3 to have an antifungal properties.


p.s. a Hydrogen peroxide is easily obtained in Bangkok along the Rajadamri roads,where they sell hydrogen peroxide that doesn't contain additives. Several chemical companies are located on that road such as Vittayasom and a host of others. Unfortunately these companies do not send or deliver these products to Koh Samui.