Fungus and Niacinamide

Posted by Maggie on 09/29/2006

Ted, I do thank you for you information, but I still would like get from you information which you have posted on internet in regards Niacinamide and how good its is in case of fungus. That's what got my attention in a first place. So where is that particular source? I am fighting candida on and off, and believe me it is not easy. Yes, we do need nutrients and the correction in my case is more troublesome, because of diverticulosis. Niacinamide intake helped me with osteoarthritis. What do you think Niacinamide and lysine? There is a lot of information regarding sirtuins, but they would not work if one is difficient in this particular amino acid. What is your opinion? Again, THX Maggie

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Maggie: Yes there is much literature in regards to niacinamide in controlling the problematic candida. Again, the dose should be fairly large, along with malates, selenium, etc. Please reread the above abstract. What they are basically saying is more nicotinamide shortens the lifespan of candida and yeast cells. A more telling story about your body's terrain which causes candida in the first place and should tell the whole story such as urinary ORP, pH, and sugar.