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Posted by Ag (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on 07/15/2014

Hello ted,

Thanks for your work in earth clinic, I learned a lot to for all your work!!! Is incredible!! I want to ask you about systematic candida, I have candida for 10 years, now I have 35 years.

I have some questions, because I think my candida has adapted to borax and in the past also adapted to mms and my candida now is more strong (my artritis start with mms)!! Now I have artritis, fatigue, parasites, hair loss, memory loss....etc I have make your protocol for one month and my stomach now is better, but candida can't go with borax , yodin , diet.....in the past borax was working for me but now...nothing happened!!! Is normal?i don't now what ca I do in this situation!!! Thanks a lot ted!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Use sodium thiosulfate crystals between 5 to 20 crystals twice a day and there is also ammonium chloride 1/4 teaspoon on a cup of water twice a day. There are many other remedies that helped but are difficult to find in U.S. but mms actually helps in short term but causes their overgrowth.

The average use is 15 crystals sodium thiosulfate crystals but if too much tends to cause diarrhea. Oily foods, sugar, and chlorinated water cause their overgrowth. Candida are hygroscopic and tend to cause retention of water therefore sodium thiosulfate may resolve some edema issues. Ted"


A.G. replies: "Hello ted,

Thanks for your quick response, do not know what it means to me! life expectancy! i'm from Argentina, i live in Buenos Aires. My problem is not so much fluid retention, if not impossible to gain weight ... I guess there are hormone problems too also ... one more question ted, the crystals were dissolved in water? thank a lot ted."


Ted replies: "Is better to swallow it followed by water.

Replied by Mary
Saskchewan, Canada

Ted I am quite concerned about what you have said. Would you tell me why you see MMS causing yeast overgrowth in the long term?