Zinc Sources and Questions

Posted by Nikki (Fergus Falls, MN) on 01/29/2007

Thank all of you!! This site is absolutley amazing!! So many of my questions were answered and many more new insightful questions raised. By far the best solution from reading 100's of posts, 90percent of them being Ted's ( thanks Ted) is the Zinc link. I have known for years about my own zinc deficeincy and the minor to major problems it causes, but once my 9 year old life became majorly impacted I did some drastic changes. She has anorexia, severve candida, sores in her mouth, diahrea, weakened immunity,acidic ph, depression, slight acne,phobias and of course Mee's nails. I mentioned to two alternative practitioners that she has a Zinc problem but they want to clear the candida first. We have been tring to do that for the months. Now I with go with Ted'd program to get her ph balanced,,I am planning on testing her urine too. WHAT form of ZINC does she need and WHERE do I get it?? Ted says to be aware of balancing out the copper levels too. I will be most willing to pass along any solutions we find. Diet alone does NOT work. please pass that on. Also from everything I have read, which is alot, Candida is a whole body issue, therefore if the whole body is out of balance then the whole body needs to be treated very gently and carefully. No microwave cures for this. I truly belive the best way to start is with Ph in additon to a sugar free, including sugar alternatives-, wheat free, and dairy free diet. This is really hard for children. then the right supplimentation combined with destressors and relaxation...baths work great. somedays she gets two. we've done all sorts of mineral and lavender baths, I'm acutally going to give the baking soda/ peroxide baths 4 times a week for the next month and see how it fares since there is no way she's gonna drink that.. I wish I could get the lime/ baking soda to her but oh well one important thing I have found is that every one's body is unique an not able to absorb nutrients the same way or at all. Some will get instant relief with remedys and others nothing. Heaing all depends your own willingness to accept responsibility for your own body, trial and error and alot of research. My little one is sleeping while I poor over websites to find the answers for her. I try stuff for about two weeks, if no positive changes we discontinue, if so then we move on until we see better results. As of yet we have only been able to elliminate undesireable moods and behaviors, the diahrea ( as long as she doen't sneak sugar) and a marginally increased appetite. Thanks again for this great resource!! It's nice to know i'm not alone in this!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Nikki: Most drug store and supermarkets will have zinc, but you just have to read the labels. Most importantly, it is important to avoid zinc sulfate. The best zinc I found that was helpful are zinc acetate, zinc citrate, zinc gluconate. Chelated zinc varies greatly depending on what kinds of amino acid they have attached, and most companies won't even put that on the labels. With that kind of question mark, I tend to avoid. I personally prefer zinc acetate as I have had a lot of good results from that one. The biggest problems I have about zinc, is you need to do the 15 minute test. Put a zinc tablet in a glass of water. If it does not dissolve in 15 minutes, it is useless as the body cannot absorb them well.

Replied by Jean

Please check into chloroxygen. A product that has chlorphyll and copper in it. I heard that you cannot combine copper and zinc in the stomach at the same time because the zinc will bind the copper. So best to take Chloroxygen on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime and make sure your stomach is empty. Allow enough time for it to absorb. You must have copper in order for zinc to work.

I believe the chloroxygen may be able to help with the PH balance and cleanse the blood. It oxygenates the body. If anyone out there finds this is bad advice, PLEASE correct me!!!