Acid Vs. Alkaline

Posted by Mandi on 03/31/2008

Hi Ted, I have been reading the Earth Clinic website and your comments for a couple of months now and find it fascinating and helpful.' After years of research on fatigue and now autism, this site has been what I was looking for from the beginning. So, thank you.

My question is: Some websites are insisting that candida albicans thrives in an alkaline environment. I've read this many places specifically, the website from the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition saying that the cells may be acid but, the intracelluar fluid is alkaline causing candida to thrive (in the small intestine). Also read similar reports on a good website using H2O2 for cancer treatment. Please let me in on your thought about this.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A lot of many website not only don't provide information, and if the information they do provide its often disinformation. If you are a microbiologist trying to grow a candida, a slightly acid environment is always needed, below 7. An esophagus pH of a candida is always below 6, so I don't know how they managed to cure if they keep doing that. Do they have results? Many yeast infections grows and bread mold grow if sugar is given, and sugar is acid. Intracellular argument doesn't hold water because the intracellular fluids are very exacting and slightly acid, but fungus and candida does not grow inside the cell, it exist outside a cell in an extracellular body fluids. It easy to determine whether candida grows in acid or alkaline environment. 95% of all foods we eat are acid forming. Candida grows whenever acid forming foods are taken, this includes sugar, cakes, chocolate, colas, and the list goes on and on. Interestingly, candida can't grow or dies immediately in present of milk of magnesia (very alkaline), vegetarian diets,' sodium carbonate, etc. I give you a simple example of a bathroom cleaner, ammonia bo peep floor cleaner. This kills off fungus on cement wall much more easier than if I just use ordinary water and detergent. Fungus in general have a weakness for alkalinity and it is this reason why fungus are found on the ground near the sea coast more than it is found in deep oceans or in the middle of a pacific oceans. The reason why this is so is simple: the pH of the world's ocean is 8, an alkaline solution, while the pH of the coastal waters and fungus houses it's pH averages 5-6. A dirt a farmers grow, the pH is usually 6.5 and that's also below 7 and this is why fungus and molds grow in the dirt easily. The job of these little organism in the grand scheme of mother nature is to decay dead organic matters and in order to DIGEST these dead organic matters they must produce acid to digest the protein. However people who eat acid forming foods and acidic food are more or less like the walking dead, and the bacteria thinks your body is decaying like a dead organic entity whenever tey are dead, its becomes and acid and these organism picks up the cue that we are living dead and hence begin to digest us alive. This is why some people with long term yeast infection and candida reversed the condition whenever alkalizing remeides is used. Or if you don't believe me take acid forming foods like aspartame, sugar, cakes, cookies, which I am sure will do than to cause the body for further decay. It should also be noted that H2O2 works synergistically when baking soda is added, not adding Coke or Pepsi or anything that is acid forming will defeat its purpose. The reason is simple: the body's fluids absorb oxygen and hydrogen peroxide better whenever it is in an alkaline state, not acidic state and this is just chemistry 101. I just wished the other sites are more informative and put out the correct information and I shall be free from the shackles of answering emails, but that Utopia just simply don't exist. I wish it would! lol