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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/18/2011

Hallo Ted
Im Stuck.. I have left all my other doctors and I only follow your recommendations. I am not going to get into much detail but I have Mercury and candida problems. (I have huge brain fog and weird thoughts issues - burning in my brain).
But Im confused what and how to use for Candida: Peroxide and/or Borax and/or Meth Blue and/or Lugols? and for Mercury: Cilantro and/or Sodium Thiosulfate and/or Lecithin? I dont think I should do all of them at once so which ones should I start off with and which ones dont I need at all? I have read many of your posts before so I am quite acqainted with your advice and I am already doing the alkalizing, the magnesium chloride, the vitamin C, the B complex ect. So with your experience what have you found to be the most effective with mercury and candida? Should I tackle one of them before the other?
Thank you for giving me tremendous hope of at last having a normal life...
One last question..Can I use whey, glutamine and creatine for building muscles during my recovery?
Thank you again Ted

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If I have brain fog, for example. I would add cilantro a couple of leafs first and take it every other day. The other plan is to take it 5 days straight with two days off. The idea is simple when chelating the circulating mercury is more and it is left to the kidneys to get rid of it. If you have constipating issues, that is your big cause since the body can't get rid of them. I will focus on sulfur amino acid, the best ones is N Acetyl Cysteine 250 mg x 4 plus the glycine at least, to help increase circulating glutathione. The more you take it, I think the optimum is around 250 x 4 or x 5 for N acetyl cysteine, and the glycine is 1000 mg is fine. This should get rid of brain fog, if not, I will look into taking vitamin C. The N acetyl cysteine and cilantro will help out the mercury issue the most. The others are supportive. Other sulfur that may be helpful is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and DMSO, which may help. I once mentioned that alpha lipoic acid is not good for most conditions if you have mercury issues, so I wouldn't take that for awhile once the mercury is removed with N acetyl cysteine, MSM. Sulfur, any sulfur has an affinity for metals and make good detox, the lecithin has a great property in making metals water soluble that makes it easy to rid of it. The usual dose is 1 teaspoon once a day to twice a day would be fine.

Selenium is needed to produce glutathione, its the selenium yeast I prefer, 200 mcg x 2 is the highest dose without any side effects, technically you could go up to 200 mg x 3, but i prefer 200 mcg x 2.

In case there's constipation issue, you must get rid of it. The preferred method is 12 drops of magnesium chloride solution 3 times a day. The less preferred way is magnesium hydroxide 5% found in milk of magnesia solution without aluminum, follow instruction as per package.

The candida problem is actually linked to heavy metals (mercury), sugar (including fruit sugar, aspartame, etc.), and metabolic acidosis. So I will use baking soda plus lime as the preferred supplement. It's usually one whole lime with 1/4 baking soda seems to work the best. Twice a day should be fine to alkaline. The quickest way to get rid of candida is tannic acid solutions, 1/4 teaspoon per liter of drinking water. This should not cause constipation, and slowly relieve the candida, by deactivating it.

Can I use whey, glutamine and creatine for building muscles during my

The recommended dose in package is way too high for most people. It prefer 1 teaspoon twice a day, in morning and in lunch. The common complaints most in nearly all people who buy them and follow them is muscle pain. The one teaspoon twice a day would not cause such a problem for most people. But if they have mercury issues, especially, I likely to do 1 teaspoon twice a day as the maximum dose for now. Creatine is also the same, I keep my dose down for now, 1 teaspoon twice a day should be maximum dose first. We don't want our system to get clogged with undigested proteins plus the mercury also. Glutamine I will be very careful it causes some side effects in mercury poisons, but does improve, but I will use it only if lysine is used first and taurine, otherwise glutamine causes side effects, and is kept at 500 x 2 only after I take lysine and taurine, 1000 mg each after a week or two.

Should there be any weakness, methylene blue 0.1% 4 drops twice a day, morning and afternoon, and B50 now and then, but not everyday for B50, as it increases appetite, mostly from the B6, in addition I may take B3 500 mg, niacinamide to get rid of weird thoughts and burning thoughts. The whey protein supplements will help too.

Candida: Peroxide and/or Borax and/or Meth Blue and/or Lugols? and for Mercury:
As to candida Borax, Methylene Blue and Tannic acid are the top Three things. There is a fourth which is chromium chloride, 1000 mcg.