Questions for Ted Regarding Candida

Posted by Steve (Beaverton, OR) on 04/07/2015

Dear Ted!

I just read the conversation on brain tumors. I have had strange movement, pressure, etc. in my head for 13 years (initially brought on by Candida that was exacerbated by terrible stress). In the past, it has subsided when I was on a strict anti-candida diet... but now, everything just seems to be getting much worse... lots of strange unrelenting pressure, super stiff neck (especially when laying in certain positions for a while). It's also MUCH worse when around wifi and emf (computers, cell phones, etc.). Here are my questions:

1) Someone told me to NEVER get an MRI if you suspect parasites and/or Candida in the head... because it'll make it much worse. Is this true, or is it OK to get an MRI despite these conditions?

2) Can candida cause this type of symptomology in the head for this long... maybe systemic candida? (And does it necessarily indicate a tumor?)

3) Would the basic program in Bill's book address this?

4) Is Bill's basic program a good thing to be doing if one has a tumor in the head?

4) I've been taking oregano oil with nano silver, postassium iodide and DMSO 2x a day... should I stop this in the event that it is a brain tumor?

5) I had an MRI 13 years ago, and one 3 1/2 years ago that were CLEAN... should I still get one?... or should I just attack it with the program as if it were systemic candida?

Thanks so much. I read Bill's book and it looks like a great approach... especially if there's no tumor. Any additional thoughts on your part would be HUGELY helpful!

Take care... Steve

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

Part of the problem you are doing is the kitchen sink approach to treating candida out of desperation. The problems about the candida protocol out there is the concept of one size fits all approach. And when consumers buy all of these one size fits all to their list of kitchen sink approach is why it doesn't work. Your description is one of candida that goes through the blood brain barrier into the brain initated by stress. Once candida and other fungus resides in the brain then you are EMF and WiFi sensitive.

While it is caused by candida, the stress basically allowed the blood brain barrier to open to candida. Then the problem becomes the supplements that get through the blood brain barrier. Such as borax and hydrogen peroxide, copper chlorophyll, vinegar topical to the head mixed with baking soda or vinegar bath, the aromatic compounds can be applied topically on the head region and well absorbed transdermally such as pine oil which has some anti fungal properties. Candida mutates to protect themself which is why 20% undecylenic acid is mixed with tea tree oil topically to the scalp and head regions in general to allow transdemal delivery, but others also such as vinegar although I like potassium acetate as potassium and acetyl compounds also kill them tio. The ammonium chloride 10% solution internally as well as topical is broad spectrum antifungal compound but it will sting like hell if applied the first 5 minutes so this needs to be careful ammonium bicarbonate wont sting as much but smells. Urea will get rid of constipation and kill fungus too. The dosage is initially 1 teaspoon then build up later to one tablespoon three times a day. Can't tell you everything have my time is limited. But at least everything you tried is not it because of your unique situation.

As far as MRI since you are sensitive to WiFi and EMF imagine MRI with hundreds of WiFi to your head all at once. That is MRI so wouldnt do that if I were you.

Candida is capable of doing all those symptoms and more. But not likely tumor as far as I know, at least not in the short term. I would try to deal with candida before the tumor. The one that is known to cause tumor is black mold fungus found in stale rooms and basements. If you suspect black mold then is most likely.