What Can I Do About Sugar Cravings?

Posted by Cindy on 01/31/2009

ted, i was wondering how to deal with sweet/bread/cookie cravings when a person start using borax and grapefruit seed extract to kill candida? please any information to help with this would greatly appreciated. thanks. cindy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sorry for the delay, your mail was in my spam folder. Anyway the cravings go away with 2000 mg - 3000 mg of taurine twice or three times a day. DHEA 12.5-25 mg also reduces the food cravings. Certain foods seems to be more satiated thus reducing them, such as tuna, and fish. Other things including smelling peppermint oil, oranges, grapefruits, to curb the appetite.


Replied by Amber
Portland, Oregon

Cindy: This might sound extreme, but since you are dealing with Candida, you can possibly get two things done at once: A) Ceasing to eat all sugars during Candida problems is beneficial to most, including fruits, honey, maple syrup, carrots and beets etc. B) Sugar cravings cease when you are not ingesting any sugar, except that from fruits (when the Candida is cured).

I personally know this is true for two reasons: I recently kicked a Candida outbreak, and I am also a raw foodist and typically only eat sugars which are in fruits, and use Stevia (the green herb powder not the extract).

Once I started this I realized that I was off of the Sugar 'merry go round'. I am not sure these are measures you would want to take, but it might help someone out there, at least it's interesting to consider. Besides, the main point one can take from this should be, EAT LESS SUGAR=CRAVE LESS SUGAR. Even now, on some days if I eat something sugary or add honey to my food, I am more prone to wanting more. It is helpful to realize that foods can be addictive, just like caffeine, etc. It is just in a more subtle fashion.

Once you are off of the merry go round, it is not as if you cannot ever have sugar to maintain this. As long as you are reasonable with your consumption, even if you have one of those nights or few days where you are really 'into' sugary foods, you just won't be addicted to it in that same way. I can now have honey in my home, and I am not crazy over it, and let me tell you, I would be if I was still hooked on sugar like I used to be. I also have a few days every so often where I will decide I want to treat myself, and I do...and still go back to my usual habits without any difficulty. I never fathomed that you could not crave sugar, so just wanted to send a message from the other side of the fence, and I hope this can help just a bit.

Replied by Bibi
Nashville, TN

What helped me with sugar cravings...almost instantly...was the "iced molasses" recipe on the "Remedies" page...under "Blackstrap Molasses"...near the top of the page.