Need Urogenital Candida Remedies in China

Posted by JR (China) on 07/23/2012

Hello Ted, I'm in China waiting to go back home, but I'm being terrorised by a urogenital candida infection that's trying to go systemic. (I'm in my 60's) So, I'm in a bit of trouble. I've had a history of long use of antibiotics for urogenital bacteria which I finally beat 4 years ago. After the bacteria went, I was left with something that caused urethral urgency from time to time. I found that if I took zinc daily, it almost disappeared. Over the next 3 years, I experienced increasing signs of candida, burning, red skin and candida smell. Then I ran out of zinc last Christmas and within 24 hours I had a rampant candida infection spread from the bladder to the testicles, and on into the right groin lymph node and across my thigh before my Doctor got me [on a prescription, but each time the prescription ends] all symptoms return rapidly. Now my Doctor's given up and I'm in big trouble. The candida
is resistant (something to do with the zinc/magnesium pill I took) and unrelenting. I'm really scared of what's going to happen.

The only relief I had was when I tried taking 3 tabs sodium bicarbonate (ea 500mg), 3 times a day while taking a lower amount of [the drug]. It worked, the pain all subsided, but I was reduced to a total fatigue cripple confined to bed. If I dropped the sodium bicarbonate back to 2 tabs, 3 times a day, the candida returned. Can you advise where to go from here? How to take sufficient s/bicarb and also keep out of bed?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I don't know how well you can find the supplements, but tannic acid or similar green tea extract will limit the candida from going systemic, but it may cause constipation if taken too much. Molybdenum in the form of sodium molybdate and obviously zinc acetate, or zinc gluconate will also help you.

Sodium molybdate is taken a pinch a day, tannic acid is 1/4 teaspoon in a 500 cc of water, twice a day would be my best guess. Vitamin C in form of sodium ascorbate, or vitamin C ascorbic acid mixed with baking soda at pH of 7.5 to 8.0. These will help candida.

The common cause of candida is trace mineral deficiencies. such as boron, copper, zinc, vitamin C, molybdenum are the common ones I see. Baking soda will alkalize and lime and baking soda will also help. As to your weakness, the common cause is liver obstruction from congestion, such as fats in the liver from high intakes of fats and carbs, usually. If not the next common cause is leaky gut syndrome cause by say, intestinal dysbiosis. Another common problem that is in my computer scans I usually do to my clients is the blood being very viscous, from inadequate intake of water during meals, further making the blood flow restricted, which causes yeast infections.

But the easy way for candida treatment is tannic acid, sodium molybdate, and vitamin C. The most practical solutions appears to be to continue taking your sodium bicarbonate and take vitamin B complex (B50) and some amino acids 3 times a day. They are easily obtained in any country. B complex will help your energy. Try to avoid all chlorides except for sea salt, that will help suppress it. Methylene blue 0.1% 10 drops maybe three times a day will prevent candida from getting systemic and should increase in energy be possible, of course adjustment in dosages is needed to find the right number of drops.

Remember to take some sea salt (taken separately from baking soda by at least 1 hour!). Sea salt will suppress candida from going systemic!


Replied by JR

Hello Ted, I've not done well with the list of things you've told me I should get. Here, medicines are dispensed from hospitals where you have to go to see a Doctor. Pharmacies stock very little. I have:
- lemons/limes - no problem
- powered sodium bicarbonate
- Vitamin C tablets - don't know what kind, nobody can tell me, looks like the stuff you get as a kid
- Vit B complex, has B1, B2, B6, but no B3
- nothing else, even though we've been to a big hospital and gone through the list with them
- no sea salt or any of the other things you've told me about.

This is an old city missing many of the items you've asked me to take, unlike in the south, nearer Hong Kong. After 6 months of this Doctor telling me to stop [the prescription drug], and then hurriedly restart it (at least 5 times) as all symptoms returned, as you can imagine, now will not work very well, if I have to take it again. It was also creating liver problems. Then he decided that the problem is anaerobic bacteria which he's given me 10 days of shots for (2 a day). The anaerobic shots have been suppressing the Candida symptoms poorly (have general urogenital pain and urinary urgency). I'm really worried about tomorrow on, after the shots finish today. 5 grams per day of S/Bicarb 2 months ago worked, but the debilitating fatigue forced me to stop taking it. I will try the Vit B and C, I've managed to get and hope it helps or I'm in real trouble."

07/27/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "If you have problems of no energy, the most common cause is usually the liver. If you CANNOT find B3, the best source is RAW liver, partially cooked is ok, the food source for B3 form, as well as other that is vital, such as selenium, CoQ10, all found. If I buy liver raw, and partially cooked I usually get the liver into boiling water for a few seconds. And take it out. The major cause of no energy is deficiencies of B complex vitamins, especially in form of B3, B12 and selenium.

Liver has more B3 than any other B vitamins, and human-nutrition-wise we need a lot of B3. But apparently there's very few sellers that have B3. I think you should be able to get liver there easier, as some developed countries export liver to China.