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Posted by CB (Usa) on 10/30/2014


Thank you for all your work on EC, it has changed my life. Please take your time with this. Here's my situation. I am a 34yr old male. Up to 4 years ago, I was an avid vaccination person and used a ton of antibiotics and prescribed opiates for knee/back injuries. 6 years ago I had a surgery to wrap my stomach around my esophagus to reduce the massive amount of GERD I had. I have Barrett's esophagus, dysplasia, etc. My esophagus looked like "an 80 yr old's". Had I know then that diet change would have fixed a lot... Now I avoid white sugar, gluten, and most processed foods. I use stevia for sweetening. I am now hypothyroid, one DR says I have Hashimotos, another says I do not. I have tried the Abrams protocol of tiering up to 50mg of Lugol's a day. It did seem to make things worse (maybe indicating Hashimotos?). I am mostly positive candida is a big problem for me. I am two weeks into taking 1/8 tsp of borax a day (live in USA). My severe constipation has been vastly improved since then. I have also been taking about 750mcg of methylene blue, mostly for nootropic purposes as my "brain fog" has been severe too. I understand that mixing it with Vitamin C and taking it at higher doses will help vs candida too? I'm just unsure how to join the two, and proper dosage. For example do I just buy ascorbic acid pills and take a few grams after taking MB? Or should I get powder and drop the MB onto it, and then try to cap it? My family has a history of GERD, asthma (had it as a kid), and IBS. My plan was to keep doing the 5 on 3 off for Borax, and I saw on EC the miracles of sodium thiosulfate. Seeing as it's cheap (very important), I was going to order some of the 99% crystals (lab grade) and take 1 grain a day at night. From what I understand that will clean out the colon. What are your thoughts? I'm also interested in what I read about turpentine, however it's hard to wrap my western mind around that. I've got 34 years of brainwashing to undo. To clarify I'm off most of my older acidic western medicines. The only consistent drug I take is 90MG of Armour pig thyroid. I supplement D3, l tyrosine, and magnesium citrate. I also have a large amount of diaomatrious earth, but have not taken it internally yet.


Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You definitely have candida. What you don't realize is you are not chewing the food thoroughly for a long long time. Eating way too fast and the stomach cannot digest the food as fast. About 100 years ago it was a food fad which was called Fetcherism, but with a lot of truth. Researchers found a century later that it improves digestion and much of Fletcherisn is quite true.

I found them independently using my diagnostic machine to be true but with some additional facts. When food does not get digested properly they ferment bad bacteria such as helicobacter pylori. And with the vast majority people don't consume collagen rich food then the skin inside digestive tracts cannot regenerate. So it is really required to take porcine skin gelatin or any supermarket gelatin 1/2 to 1 teaspoon dissolved in hot water twice a day. Wait until cool before drinking. Then in a week you should feel better. The other collagen component is ascorbic acid and it does not matter how it is taken and also lysine. To help collagen you briefly need copper supplement for a month. We are brainwashed it is called marketing or more sinister propaganda if promoted by institutions. It will definitely heal your gastrointestinal tract. It just needs collagen. Nearly 100 percent of population is deficient in this common supplement. And most of all take B6 between 50 to 100 mg of B6 before every meal to protect against further problem of the stomach. Candida is helped with copper, vitamin C, borax, and undecylenic acid if you can find them.

I wish I can tell more but cannot due to FDA laws in Thailand.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi CB...It appears that you have Barret's esophagus, GERD, Hashimoto's as well as candida problems.

The most basic candida-kill protocol that I would recommend is this one:

Pathogen-Kill Protocols Against Candida

You can also continue all the other protocols that you are currently taking if you wish.

If you want to know the full anti-candida protocol and if you want to understand candida behaviour at a deeper level, I've written a book called Candida: Killing So Sweetly.

And if you have Hashimoto's I would also strongly urge you to at least supplement 200 mcg Selenium twice a day with meals.

Selenium and Hashimoto's


Your Barret's esophagus is directly associated with your candida/GERD problems and should disappear when you cure your candida.

To help cure your GERD see this advice:

The GERD Protocol

To help you with your Hashimoto's problem you can either take full iodine protocol that I advise above or perhaps a better way would be for you to locate an Iodine-literate doctor in your own area so that this complex problem can be dealt with and monitored appropriately.

Here is a list of Iodine-literate doctors in the US:

Iodine-Literate Doctor's List

The way I take Methylene Blue(MB) is to first add and dissolve 1000 mgs of powdered Vitamin C into a glass of water. Then I add 6 to 15 drops of MB and stir it in. The color should change from blue to colorless. Then drink it. But you can also take Vitamin C tablets and MB(in water) separately if you wish with the same result.

Here are some further reasons why you should use Turpentine against your candida;

Why Turpentine is so Useful Against Candida