Niacinamide Info?

Posted by Maggie on 08/04/2006

In response to Ted/Niacinamide. I did look for answers on the internet too long to get what he had mentioned about this product. I do have candida, but I would like to have more of his retrieved info about it. Guarente in his book talked that Niacinamide when used does not prolong the life of the cell, yet, its is changed anyway into NAD, Niacin. So, Ted's statement about niacinamide is more of my agreement. But, I do need more of his info to further analyze it. Maggie

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Maggie: There are several studies which tend to support niacinamide in controlling conditions of candida. If you want more studies, I will give you some listed below are some research abstracts. Candida is are sensitive to vitamin B3 niacinamide this is how it is controlled.

It must be stated again that you cannot just concentrate on any one nutrition. Both zinc and selenium for example are quite important for the controlling of candida yeast. I have noted that children with high mercury levels tend to be deficient in selenium will see common candida infection. It is therefore important to supplement with plenty of selenium and zinc.

Biotin is also important and maybe deficient in those that have candida as the major food source of candida is sugar. The logic is really simple and can be supported by research abstract listed below. Biotin is used to treat diabetes, and this deprives candida of the food source. Therefore, another one that is used to control sugar, by fat emulsification (long story), is the granulated lecithin taken along with food will be very helpful too. Talking about sugar, vitamin B1 is also very much involved in sugar metabolism, as well as chromium, vanadium and aspirin. By taking supplements which deprives the candida of sugar or glucose, you can also control the candida.

The future of treatment of candida albicans is very likely to be the use of both zinc and copper (in form of copper chloride reacted with simple soy protein) supplementation for effective control. Currently researcher haven't gotten that far yet, but they are only looking at copper complexed with zeolite, which are somewhat poorly absorbed. At least this is where my own research is pointing (the use of copper complexed with protein). Of course I am not lucky enough to know anyone here with candida that I can try on! However, you can only use copper, if the body's zinc levels are high enough, and only then do you use both zinc and copper, in a ratio of 2:1 for optimal effectiveness.

In summary, it is not sufficient enough just to use B3 alone, zinc, selenium, biotin, lecithin, and B1 for example are just as important. The use copper supplements in addition to zinc remains a future treatment that for me at least looks quite promising. In fact many swimming pools that does not use chlorine uses a copper and zinc ions together to prevent fungus.

EC: Do a google search and you will find the abstract that Ted refers to (it is too lengthy to post on this page): Nicotinic acid limitation regulates silencing of Candida adhesins during UTI. Domergue R, Castano I, De Las Penas A, Zupancic M, Lockatell V, Hebel JR, Johnson D, Cormack BP.

Replied by Becky
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Can someone clarify about about taking Biotin and Candida? Pubmd says Biotin increased Candida.