Curing Acid Reflux, Got Mouth Acid

Posted by Nancy (Augusta, GA)

Dear Ted. I know you have many emails but I don't know what to do next. Have acid reflux- was able to control it somewhat before with licorice) and probiotics. Had a bad flare up last fall -stress - started enzymes with HCL since my food just seems to ferment in stomach. Also started ACV for the terrible heartburn =wish I had know about baking soda - had no clue it was the vinegar since it helped the heartburn so much. I started getting burning in mouth and tongue -- I have had it for 4 month. finally found you site after many doctors, scope, etc. I started baking soda 2X a day 1/4 tsp. for about 3 weeks. Finally got potassium citrate to add to it on 2nd week. Helped some but I still have burning tongue and mouth. Four days ago I added back the ACV with baking soda l tbsp. ACV and 1/8 tsp. soda 2x day - take morning and night. Use the enzymes at noon and with evening meal (and DGL) Take ACV plus baking soda before bed.Really helps the nightime hearburn but still have the buring in mouth and tongue. I am so tired of doctors but need some relief. Should I try the lemon, go back to baking soda and water (doctor told me to stop because ph was 7.5. When I started checking ph it was very acidic. Should my ph be consistent between 6-7? I have been using ACV pluS BAKING SODA with the enzymes for about a week Have lost weight and I am really watching what I eat. Have high blood pressure but control it with medication. please helpe me get the burning mouth and tongue under conttrol. Do I stop the enzymes, increase the ACV, use lemon, other supplements? I just am so worn down from the burning mouth and tongue Had blood work done - B12 and folic acid ok as was the complete blood count.Still use the baking soda as mouthwash. Have white coating on tongue - had to take antibotics a couple of times last year. They really bother me. Please help. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Nancy: The enzymes are acid forming, but than are the antibiotics. The body may go into acid quite often with that. Certain supplements with the word hydrochloride also are not helping.

What I do know is in one case just taking some potassium citrate 1/8 with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with water taken for twice a day for instance, without the enzymes, antibiotics and taken for about 2 weeks should help. Using mouthwash 4-5 times a day with baking soda is helpful. If there is any more we can neutralize the acid, if you are desperate enough, than just take a bath with baking soda. If that is not enough, then one small pinch of borax in the drinking water. Acid forming fungus may be present in your system and the borax will usually kill that preventing the acid from eating up your system.

It must be stressed that your condition can either be a deficiency in bicarbonates, or that certain microbes are creating a real acid waste as it lives inside a human host. To kill these microbes, is two fold, apply lavender oil on the skin, or eucalyptus oils on the arms, leg and neck. The other issue taking plenty of zinc supplements, preferably, zinc acetate, 50 mg/day for every other day. Other forms are acceptable such as zinc gluconate, or zinc citrate. Selenium supplements, chromium , and molybdenum may help. The simplest way to deal with acid tongue besides the baking soda and potassium citrate, is 1/2 teaspoon of real good (gray semi moist) sea salt in one liter of water drank all day. The sea salt should kill the microbes causing the acidity issue and that should help. A higher concentration of sea salt than this recommended may speed the killing of microbes forming acid by hyperosmolarity (concentrated salt environment).

Over alkalinity is a rarity, but it does happen. But it has nothing to do with too much bicarbonates in practice. It has more to do with eating too much food rich in phosphorous, phosphates and other similar phosphorus container food and drinks. Phosphorous, too much of it anyway, tends to promote fungus growth, which by the way are acid formers. Antibiotics promote fungus growth indirectly since it is made from fungus extracts during production.

It must be stressed that you can't drink any fruit juices or protein supplements. Protein supplements are acid forming, fruit juices taken along with food causes slower stomach digestion, and may cause an acid reflux.

If all these above recommendations do not work, consider 12 drops of 3% Hydrogen peroxide taken every 2-3 hours and perhaps some vitamin C. Ozonate the room and this may reduce the fungus colonies causing the acid tongue, if the previous suggestion are not working out.

Hope this extra info will be helpful.