Burning Mouth and Gluten Intolerance

Posted by S (OKC, OK) on 12/29/2007

A f/u to my previous message..still was having burning mouth after eliminating wheat for 3-4 wks, diarrhea subsided to twice a day but mouth/underneath tongue and sometimes palate of mouth TENDER....had a live blood cell test done..have leaky gut syndrome and yeast in system...doc says it all goes together along w/gluten intolerance..tested high for mercury, doing oxidation/chelation treatments, done about nine...since my mouth still hurts I cant tell if I feel better or not..if that makes sense..Guess I am going to have to call UNCLE and go see a GI doc which I was trying not to do..Im 41 and have never been sick, so I am just beside myself that I cant nip this in the bud. Will keep you posted as I go as there seems to be no quick fix....lots of prayer..

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A burning mouth is a sign of metabolic acidosis. I had a case of gluten intolerance along with the usual yeast infection, but it disappeared entirely once the metabolic acidosis was dealt with and the gluten intolerance just disappeared, and this had happened in some of the worse people possible who also had a lupus. By the way, white bread are acid forming, so it might not be just gluten intolerance alone. Quite often the metabolic acidosis came from hidden hydrocarbons from aspartame (in supplements and drinks), carbon monoxide from poorly ventrilated water heaters, benzene (in colas), kerosine in heating system used in apartment (Canada used this), paint thinners, and especially methanol alcohol found in a lot of foods, which leads to this condition which resulted in acid mouth, or burning mouth, but what I got also was also burning urine. In one case here in Bangkok, the burning was so extreme it teared the tongue, but eventually the simple baking soda taken internally and used as a mouthwash in this teared tongue eventually resolved itself completely after the second week. I have not recently dealt directly with the issue of metabolic acidosis, but to eventually resolved this required that I have to recognized environmental problems from carbon monoxide from gas stove, paint thinners, inadvertant kerosine used (in insecticide), heaters, furnaces, and cars be observed. Aspartame additive did lead to burning mouth, but it also burned my kidneys. At one point my urine was so acid, its pH was about 4 which is almost equal to vinegar. I had one case of a painter with a fungus skin problem, from past use of thinner, which later lead to yeast infection throughout his body and eventually disappeared completely with just baking soda. But this also is not a complete remedy, but it did work. A more complete way of dealing with acid mouth required initially for the first one week 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (later week to reduced to 1/4) plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate (later week reduced to 1/16), in 1/2 glass of water taken 2 times to up to 3 times a day, taken usually 5 days out of a week. Baking soda 1 tablespoon in 1/2 glass of water in 1% hydrogen peroxide were used only as a mouthwash after brushing of teeth. Some even used this several times a day to reduce the acidity of the mouth. Of course everyone's blood chemistry and pH is different, but the remedies mentioned is just my general observations for most cases. The exact dose can only be determined if people just measure the pH and achieve the proper pH, which should at least be about 7 or close to it, both urinary and salivary pH. The acidity of the mouth was effectively neutralized with the potassium citrate, but to prevent any disturbance of the normal extracellular fluids, the baking soda and potassium is always added. It is very important that baking soda is added to prevent such disturbances in normal electrolytes and pH buffer of the body systems. However it should be noted that both potassium and magnesium are the fluids inside the cells and hence some magnesium citrate I should also take, at the very least, 250 mg- 500 mg of magnesium citrate I took for only 5 days out of a week for a couple of weeks. Secondly, some three times a week vitamin B complex is taken about 3 times a week usually taken along with food. The ones I prefer is the vitamin B complex, B50, where B1 (thiamine mononitrate), B2, B3 (niacinamide), B5, B6, B8, Choline are often 50 mg, and the B12 and folic acid are about 50 mcg. Most of the metabolic acidosis should be under control with the thiamine mononitrate, but I prefer a more balanced B complex to prevent other vitamin B deficiencies. Finally to deal with certain toxic chemicals, such as trace methanol, and other things, I have after months of looking for the missing x factor that was missing from getting the body from being properly alkalized or more stable pH that the use of 10% solution of sodium thiosulfate (the 10% DOES NOT have to be exact, and can be anywhere from 5% to 20% concentration) since the amount I actually used were only in drops. I will add 10 drops of sodium thiosulfate solution in 1 liter of drinking water, or I can use 2-5 drops of this solution in every glass of water I drink. In some unusual cases, the use of sodium thiosulfate alone effectively stopped the burning mouth. The reason why that is so was that the sodium thiosulfate simply neutralized whatever toxic chemical that were burning the the mouth or led to metabolic acidosis. Most of these remedies are usually the bare minimum. In certain person with high toxin load, a small amount of sodium thiosulfate might lead to diarrhea or laxative effect. But interestingly this goes away after the 2-3 days once the toxin overload was reduced and the burning mouth, if it was caused by unknown toxin this alone may resolve it. Interestingly I have found metabolic acidosis (long term) lead to diabetes, high blood sugar, and kidney problems, but then so does getting colds easily too. Metabolic acidosis may lead to pneumonia after a bad flu that doesn't go away. Of course these are all my personal observations.

Replied by S

I wrote a few months ago about burning mouth syndrome. recently just been diagnosed "wheat gluten intolerance" or Celiac Disease... I recommend anyone w/ these symptoms to get it checked out. A good website is www.celiaccenttral.org Symptoms are frequent diarrhea, weight loss, migraines, abdominal pain, gas, constipation... Symptoms are no different then everyday complaints that this is HARD to diagnosis... I would recommend cutting wheat out for 2 weeks and see if symptoms disappear..I took a stool test at www.enterolab.com. IT is $99.00 but definatley worth showing if you have an intolerance... my burning mouth has since dissipated...what happens is your body gets inflamed... and everybody symptoms are different..google celiac and read about it.. thanks

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I have a very sore burning tongue and loss of taste. I have used CAV for years but recently stopped it and started Vitamin B Complex Perhaps I will start taking it again with Bicarb and hopefully this will solve my problems

Last year I had open heart surgery and recently had my Gall Bladder removed. My mouth problem started before my recent operation, but now they have found that my Bile Duct and my Pancreatic ducts are dilated. these are being investigated. I have already had an Ultra sound scan, no results as yet. As far as I have never had glucose intolerance.