Constant Acid in Mouth

Posted by Roberta (Key West, FL) on 11/05/2006

I am having constant acid. I find that my acid does not occur in the throat area but instead (unforunately) during bowel movements. I do have a constant bad taste in my mouth and have been told by the Doctors that they felt it was GERD. Nobody can seem to answer for me why the acid is soooooo bad in the stool area and how to fix this problem. The Doctors have perscribed to me Nexium, Prilosec, Protonix and they all give me a terrible headache after two days of taking them. I have changed my whole eating plan to a Akaline Food Plan and still have no relief. I am starting to worry because this happens on a daily basis and has been going on over 6 months. Please Help!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Roberta; To be sure, just measure your urinary pH and your saliva pH to confirm that you are acid. Whenever your intestines appear to be overly acid, this means the body's electrolytes imbalance is bad enough that it is throwing out acid.

If the saliva is also acid, then it obvious for the bad taste. The bacteria tends to grow well in an acid medium.

Assuming you have an acid condition, you need to take a freshly squeezed lemon juice and add at 1/4 teaspoon interval baking soda until the fizz stop, then add water.

This should help the body neutralized some acid and give the body the needed phosphates, vitamin C and citrates and some bicarbonates to neutralized some bad taste in your mouth. Citrates is known to be a weak form of antibiotic and kills off the germs.

The other problem about acid is the issue of sugar and starches which you should avoid and fried food. Just eat bake, boiled, or grilled fish and some vegetables. Take some chlorophyll supplements should help detoxify something. Often an acid stool is when the body's might have some toxic buildup in the guts due to uncontrollable flora imbalance. Therefore avoid starchy, carbohydrate rich food and milk. Take some soy will help since they don't seem to disturb the intestinal flora negatively as a milk does, especially if you have lactose intolerance. The manganese in the soy should also provide the body with the antioxidants in the form of manganese superoxide dismutase, which is good and should reduce the bad mouth taste.

Therefore, taking some yogurt, might help restore this condition too. Most bad breath can also be due to a zinc deficiency and the body cannot fight off the bacteria. So taking some zinc acetate and some sodium molybdate, can both kill of the bacteria through the actions of zinc and molybdate to restore the body's pH and yet provide the copper zinc balance the body needs.

Of course yours may be unusual because from most people with an acid condition, constipation rules, but in your case there is no mention. A leaky gut syndrome is a possibility and therefore magnesium will help. Depending upon your condition of the intestines whether they are diarrhea or constipation is critical to my understanding. For example diarrhea, I will know that you have a lot of bacteria that the body cannot handle. In that case reducing this and reduce the bacteria through the use of bentonite clay taken or activated charcoal could help. But if it was one of constipation, the a sea salt 1 teaspoon plus 1 teaspoon baking soda should solve the constipation and clearing out your intestinal area.

Finally do not eat a heavy meal in the evening. Eat only light foods, such as salads or fruit drinks or something that will not disturb your intestinal tract while you sleep. That way the body will not be logged up with undigested foods. Eat slowly and chew a lot. This should help restore and reduce undigested food responsible for your unhealthy intestinal problems. If you can find it, take plenty of fulvic acid and the intestinal floral should normalized within a couple of days.