Gerd, Burning Mouth and Tongue

Posted by A on 01/19/2008

Dear Ted, Thanks for your quick response. All advice including yours suggests that throughout life of GERD patient he needs to be on medicine and still the quality of life does not improve. In fact there are always additional irritating and inconvenient symptoms keeps on adding to patients life, under these circumstance what is your take on going for "NISSEN FUNDOPLICATION" so that once for all the root cause is addressed. I am aware that success result are less but there are chances of improvement, please advise...


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is usually done only as a last resort when other remedies do not work. Most people will try to find other remedies during those time which can be anywhere from a couple of months to several months, depending upon individual preferences. My experience here is there still is a GERD, bloating, acid mouth and other problems despite surgery. Maybe it comes only from people who reported me with the problems. Apparently the surgery completely deal with all the problems.

The official line is there is "less than 1% mortality rate", but my experience has been more. People experience 89% symptom free, but again that's the official line also. Surgery practices in different countries and success rates varies greatly from country to country.

One additional remedies that can be added to GERD whenever a gallbladder is removed is 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin is taken along with the food to help digest the food where the gall bladder function of fat emulsification is missing.