Rash on Upper Body

Posted by E on 08/22/2006

Today, while exercising in a thunderstorm I developed an intense rash on my upper body. It was itchy and looked like a Niacin Flush, but worse! Prior to exercise, I had taken Niacin and I have been having an acid taste in my mouth, and the boric acid I take causes a major "belch". (I wrote you previously, so this is a P.S. but the rash was pretty unbelievable!).

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Never use boric acid and niacin together. Taking boric acid and niacin together will cause an unbelievable flush. They are synergistics in ways that are very unfavorable to you. I make a general rule never to use boric acid in most remedies, but to use either sodium perborate or borax.

The best approach is to use sodium borate (borax) and niacinamide. I prefer to use niacinamide instead of niacin. If you insist on using niacin, then take aspirin 3 minutes before taking niacin. It will stop the flush.