Acid Taste and Loose Stools

Posted by E (St. Augustine, FL)

Thanks for your info! This is what the 'Net was originally intended for, free exchange of data! You helped me! Now, if I could just get rid of the GI Tract problem. I find I have loose stools with increased frequency as the day progresses. I thought it was too much flaxseed oil. Switched to meal, and my gut was OK for a day or two and then, whamo--back to diarrhea. I'm losing minerals, I realize. It's been a few months. I drink lots of green tea, with honey. Take L-Carnitine several times a day, but that's never bothered me before. No fried foods, no dairy, no meat, no wheat -- well, just reintroduced wheat germ, again--no coffee, no alcohol, no white flour products. I wonder if it IS the wheat gluten. I'm in great shape; cholesterol where it should be. Only 2 symptoms, acid taste and loose stools. Can you please e-mail me, as I may miss your answer on this site. I work almost 24/7. Praise God!